Welcome to the Academy!

So first thing’s first, I want to congratulate you in taking the first step in your own empowerment. It’s not every day that someone steps up to be their own hero. A huge portion of the battle is your commitment to the idea and not just working through what you’re going to learn.

In order to best serve your needs we would love to know more about you…

We’ve designed a process to help you narrow your focus for this class
as well as help us cater our advice to you’re specific needs.

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Although speaking about what you are going to learn, here is how you can access the classroom. You can find the classroom by opening the menu icon in the top right corner, and then navigating to the “Be Your Own Hero Classroom” link.


Here’s a direct link which you could bookmark for future use:

Unless you are already logged in, you’ll have to first make sure to do so through the menu using the username and password with which you have signed up to gain access to the restricted content.

We’re also going to be inviting you to our awesome Slack community, where you’ll have exclusive access to myself and the rest of the team, allowing you to ask us anything at any time. Not only are we part of this thriving community, but you will also be in the company of other Superheroes who are in different stages of their journeys, allowing you to tap into their ideas and experiences at will.


As you join the ranks, we will match you up with like-minded individuals who will help you on your path to becoming the hero that your story deserves.

We will be sending you an invitation shortly so that you will be able to access the Slack community, but in the mean time make sure to grab the Slack app for your platform. They have apps for every platform including OSX and windows, which can be found here.

Until then, feel free to log in and poke around the classroom and we welcome you to our community of game-changers!

-Marc Angelo Coppola