At the start is where it all begun –

At a time where the world was one –

Creation at its finest – Innovation at its brightest –

Ages later I emerged – Here – Now – Tic – Toc – Submerge

Dvelve deeper and deeper –  Into the abyss –

What I seek I shall find – I would not miss –

Searching far and wide – what I found I must confide –

The truth is but a notion – One which has never died –

Time being the reality –

The sole decision behind fatality –

Nothing means nothing – Why? Simply because.. –

Something is increasing – Why can’t we press pause?

Do you hear the roaring growth – the endless progression –

The push and pull is but a game – Come hear my confession –

The sun is shining – But not before the night –

I was sucked into this sorrow – But not without a fight –

Torn into pieces – I laid there dying –

Screaming out for help – I laid there crying –

It hit me that salvation comes from within –

This hole was not my place – Where do I begin –

It came from a message – Stored far within my past –

Deep within my subconcious – Something that’ll last

And there I was – Struggling to breath all along –

I did everything in my power- Just to stay strong –

Attitude is everything – Was the message –

With this notion – Its how I learnt to manage –

First came courage – It’s what a lion does –

My heart is where its found – It’s what I was –

A man’s biggest strength – Is also his biggest weakness –

Why it is taken for granted – This shall always be baseless –

Anger solves nothing – It is not the answer –

Kill them with kindness – Let them know whos master –

Control what you can control – And you shall achieve –

To reach the end goal – You must believe –

Dont shut your eyes when the going gets tough –

What sets us apart is how we face our fears when the going gets rough –

Find whats worth fighting for and dont ever surrender –

Quitting is what sets apart achievers and beggers –

Second came vision – I lifted the veil –

This tyranny I shall not support – In fact I shall derail –

It’s not about the salary – It’s all about reality – And making some noise –

And thus I stand here waiting – I wont lose my poise –

Opportunity shall come – Let us be one –

Challenge in adversity – Let our tasks get done –

Believe and strive to know one thing – Yourself –

Confidence is the goal – It stands by itself –

An unexamined life is not one worth living –

Find your balance – The world will be become giving –


Dualistic extremes persist – The ying and the yang –

Happiness does exist – Go out with a bang –

Doubt is but a barrier – Strive to live without –

Fear is the opponent – Kaplow – Knockout –

When push comes to shove – You’ll find me fighting –

They wont know what hit’em – They’ll be struck by lightning –

However fight I might – But not with a weapon –

I shall not clench my fist – Nor dirty my apron –

This battle is one of the mind – I shall win your hearts –

With my ideas and respect – My kind of art –

Strike I might – But not where you perceive –

I promise you all this – I shall not deceive –

Reveal yourself – Make yourself clear –

Feel my wrath – The end of your rule is near –

Let noone stand in your way – I shall live and love another day –

Dont leave until tomorrow – What can be accomplished today –

Convince I shall – There is a solution –

But its only yourself who can bring about this revolution –

Remove your armor – As you won’t need it –

Plan to start – Go about as you see fit –

Your chance is there – You only get one shot –

Stand on top of your game – Dont believe in cannot –

Within this all came a call to power –

Yes its that time – The final hour –

And thus comes action – What’s the worst that can happen –

Dont take no for an answer – Don’t let others dampen –

Make a plan of  attack and go after it relentlessly –

With persistence as the vehicle, it’ll pay off endlessly –

Momentum as the fuel which is gained through intent –

Its what allows us to be the architect of our universe, give it 100 percent –

Sitting around waiting for things to fall into your lap wont conceive –

We must chase after our hopes and dreams, we must earn to receive –

So what are you waiting for, dont let fear deter you from starting –

Every journey starts with a single step, before you know it you’ll be darting –

Aimed right at the center, hit that bullseye –

Shoot for the stars, landed on mars, its what happens when you try –

Take this message and carry it forward –

Stop running in circles its what the doctor ordered –

Leave behind you that which is not glue –

Strengthen yourself, the answer is within, theres a clue –

Me, myself and I this isnt self centered –

As at the best of ourselves can best help the rest be remembered –

Know that from rock bottom there is only one way to go –

Where this path takes you only ourselves shall know –

Trust is the key to the endless progression –

Dont surrender it for noone, dont ever make that concession –

It is all we truly have here upon this earth –

Why not spread it, show people what its worth –

Tell those you care about that you adore them –

Tell them what you feel for real, treat them like a precious gem –

We must not take such as a give in, we must not take it for granted –

Cherish it, give and you shall receive or stand to be left stranded –

For those who ponder know that love is but the absense of understanding –

Its what makes your heart stop, its blindly commanding –

However in its absurdity is a message of hope and courage –

It is but a means to our own ends, you can find it in storage –

To truly love you must be willing to let it go and fly away –

You must believe it’ll make its way back day after day –

To miss is to appreciate, dont let lust fool you –

Pleasure aint nothing to measure, only happiness is true –


So go out there and get yourself noticed –

Keep your eyes on the prize, make sure to stay focused –

Keep in mind the most important things are said without words –

What is said with your mouth only makes you part of the herds –

Let your courage, vision and action do all the talking –

Let the successful results do all the walking –

Belief is all it takes – its what makes the world go round –

Its what sets us apart, makes the cause profound –

Feel the fire burning inside, see the lights turn up bright –

Its your time to shine, show ’em your might –

The possibilities are endless, it is what it seems –

Its all but a requiem for a dream…