Freedom Culture Costa Rica 19′


Access to the fifth Freedom Culture Mastermind with transportation, accommodations, meals, entrance to Envision Festival, private camp set-up at Envision, entertainment and a bunch more details below.

The Mastermind will take place February 23rd through the 27th at Punta Mona ecovillage and leads into Envision music festival, February 28th through March 3rd.

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We are taking the traditional ROI (Return on Investment) and combining it with Ripple of Impact to solve the world’s greatest issues.

As a tribe we come together twice every year to take the conversations from Facebook Messenger to an in-person Mastermind for powerful connections (and the occasional Cacao ceremony).

Join us for one energizing, unique week in a thriving eco-village situated right on the coast of the Caribbean in Costa Rica before celebrating new connections and progress at our very own camp situated in the heart of Envision Festival.

Still have a few questions? We highlighted those we receive most often below!

“What is included in the price of my ticket?”

  • Access to full Mastermind event!
  • Transportation from San Jose, Costa Rica to Punta Mona ecovillage
  • All meals and accommodations  at Punta Mona included
  • Daily wellness sessions
  • All activities and things happening within the 7 day period will be covered by us.
  • Access to Private Mastermind Group and “Ecosystem”
  • Transportation to Envision Festival.
  • Full admission into Envision Festival with private camp waiting for your arrival.
  • Transportation to the airport from Envision… if you decide not to stay in Costa Rica longer 😉
  • A bunch of surprises and future growth elements of this tribe…

“What is not included?”

  • Flight to and from Costa Rica. We will, however, supply a hug and warm welcome on arrival.
  • Transportation to hotel in San Jose for Mastermind opening ceremony before embarking into the jungles.
  • Any shuttles to post event towns if deciding to extend stay in CR
  • Food, crystals, medicine or rental surfboards you decide to partake in at Envision.
  • Health Insurance for travelers exiting the country – you’re family but you aren’t covered under our Canadian family insurance plan

“What should I pack??”

Great question. Upon checkout we will be sending a full list for packing along with questionnaire to see how we can best serve you at this gathering among questions of diet preference.

For a quick sneak peak though… peak below 😉


“Will a full itinerary of each day with extremely strict schedule be sent to us?”

Yes & No…

Part of the magic these Masterminds offer is the mystery of what they entail. To be honest, we don’t even know what will happen each day. Just the way we like it. However yes we will send you an itinerary with some of the planned sessions two weeks before the event kicks off just so you have a better sense of direction for all the things you need 🙂

What we do know – there will be wellness sessions daily, talk (and ACTION) of tackling the worlds biggest issues, ceremony, tips and tricks to spreading your movement into the world and A LOTTA LOVE to name a few.

We have noticed that if the schedule isn’t super strict, magic naturally arises through the individuals (like you) who attend but we will have a flow that get’s released to attendees soon before the event and will be reexplained on day 1!

It is important to note that deposits and payments once collected are final.

We can transfer your deposit to someone else who would be coming in your place and reimburse you that way and we will do everything to work with you to sell your spot but payments for this event are final sale as this makes it a nightmare for us to pre-book all the amenities for someone and have them back out at the last minute and we would have turned down a bunch of potential attendees at this point as there is very limited space. Book when you are sure and know that we are here to help you fill it up if you do have to back out.

Did we miss something?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Marc Angelo, Samantha Lotus, David Weber, Alok Ananda or Garrett Adkins with any specific questions or email us at [email protected]

See you in the jungles of Costa Rica!