Freedom Culture Envision Camp 2019


Access to the third Freedom Culture Camp hosted at Envision Festival with transportation (to & from airport), private camp set-up at Envision, entertainment and a bunch more details below.

Envision Festival takes place February 28th through March 3rd.

Limited Spots Available










Freedom culture is a state of being that empowers and encourages all individuals to spread their unique gifts to the world. Freedom Culture is a collective Flag, an emergent movement, a developing platform & a lifestyle path in service to the greater goodOur camp provides the container and facilitation of ideas and connections to be formed, while also hosting a TEDx like presentations of iconic influencers & thought leaders to present their projects, visions and missions in a comfortable, shaded setting during the day and art to grace the stage in the evening.

With a combination of 300 million + social media reach, the projects presented on our stage plan to bring the magic of an environment like Envision to the eyes of millions around the world.

Last year our area was one of the most well attended and appreciated spaces of the festival. We’ll be moving through the themes of Mind, Body, Spirit, & Impact over the course of the festival.


An international community of change makers, influencers, marketing wizards, leaders, artists, healers, solutionaries, ecopreneurs, philanthropreneurs and much more. We come from many different markets, industries and areas of expertise & focus; yet we share a common desire to make a true and lasting positive impact in the world. Our unique community is birthing a new model of collaboration & connection moving beyond just personal brand, and into active co-creation. We are here to anchor real solutions and birth new models of collaboration, coherence, innovation and visibility.


  • Full Self Expression
  • Radical Self Responsibility
  • Active Participation
  • Sovereign Unity
  • Regenerative Solutions
  • Structural Flourishing
  • Tribe & Community
  • Decentralized Power

“What is included in the price of my ticket?”






  • General Admission Entry to Envision Festival
  • Shuttle To & From Airport Provided By Envision
  • Entrance & Reserved Camp spot in Freedom Culture Camp
  • Bedding & Ready-Set-Camp Tent Provided
  • Private Showers & Bathrooms
  • Free fruit, tea, coffee, snacks each morning
  • Secured Storage of Valuable s During Event
  • Nighttime Entertainment
  • Camp with Multiple Musicians and Speakers from Freedom Culture Stage
  • Access to wellness lounge, incl. body work, energy work, tonics and more
  • Evening Tea Lounge
  • Comfortable, shaded area in camp during heat of the day
  • 3 month access to
  • A bunch of surprises and future growth elements of this tribe…
Special Programming Including
  • Private networking times with our community of influencers, game changers etc.
  • Daily “TedX style” Talks & Transmissions from featured influencers in our community
  • Private events like : Cacao Ceremonies, morning movement & meditation, DJ sets, World Touring artists & more
  • Light Leadership tree house & temple / I AM experience HQ for personalized & gamified personal development adventures

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Perfectly perched at the junction where the rainforest connects with pristine tropical beach, Rancho la Merced is everything that we could ask for and the true jewel of our invitation to Costa Rica. While just a short, two minute walk to the surf of Playa Hermosa, Rancho la Merced stands as a testament to the glory of Costa Rica’s untamed natural beauty presenting a jungle environment that can only exist here.






What is not included?

  • Flight to and from Costa Rica. We will, however, supply a hug and warm welcome on arrival.
  • Any shuttles to post event towns if deciding to extend stay in CR
  • Food, crystals, medicine or rental surfboards you decide to partake in at Envision.
  • Health Insurance for travelers exiting the country – you’re family but you aren’t covered under our Canadian family insurance plan

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Still have a few questions?
We’ve highlighted those we receive most often below!

“What should I pack??”

Great question.

Our good friends on the Envision team laid out a perfect packing list for you here. 

“Where can I find out the flow of the Freedom Culture Stage & Envision Festival?”

The best place to stay up to date with Envision’s schedule is following them on social for all releases.

Upon arriving to Envision Festival you will receive a pamphlet with all stage flow to keep with you and their will be an additional board in the Freedom Culture Camp that will lay out the speakers and entertainment.

It is important to note that deposits and payments once collected are final.

We can transfer your deposit to someone else who would be coming in your place and reimburse you that way and we will do everything to work with you to sell your spot but payments for this event are final sale as this makes it a nightmare for us to pre-book all the amenities for someone and have them back out at the last minute and we would have

turned down a bunch of potential attendees at this point as there is very limited space. Book when you are sure and know that we are here to help you fill it up if you do have to back out.

Did we miss something?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Marc Angelo, Samantha Lotus, David Weber, Alok Ananda or Garrett Adkins with any specific questions or email us at [email protected]

See you in the jungles of Costa Rica and dance floors of Envision!


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