One Easy List To Empower You To Do The Impossible




The truth is anything is possible
if you set your mind to it…

I discovered the process at my lowest point- I was directionless and struggling to make sense of my purpose. If you’re reading this right now, I am confident you’ve experienced those same things yourself.

Within a year of writing My Impossible List, which I’ve shared with you below, I had 60+ acres of land to my name, a team of some of the greatest people I had ever met working alongside me, and the Valhalla Movement was generating buzz all across the web…

This amazing technique has been proven over years to be guaranteed to help you achieve the results you never thought you could.

I invite you to create your own list and see for yourself that the dreams you’ve always thought were out of reach are not as Impossible as they might seem.

If you’ll take this step with me, together we can transform the world.

We can accomplish our dreams, no matter how “Impossible”

Also shout out to Joel Runyon from Impossible HQ for coming up with a term for this list and helping me evolve my bucket list into something way more awesome than it used to be.

As he wrote: “This list of impossible things contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was “impossible.” The sort of things that I assumed the cool guys on TV only ever got to do. The things I never thought that I would be able to do.”

I challenge you to make your own today by going through the full process of really focusing in on something BOLD for your life.

Make Your Impossible List



  • Run a Marathon (I hate running)
  • Have 6 Pack Abs that would be considered “Ripped”
  • Help promote and endorse a quick and easy work out routine that people can do in just a few minutes every day [In progress]
  • Reduce meat intake to being only once or twice a week [In progress but struggling still]
  • Eat nothing but organic foods for a month [Been tough to do at times on road / with diner invitations but still working on it]
  • Try a ridiculous fast [Done – Juice Fast 2013]
  • Speak out about the Health Benefits and amazing properties of Weed/Psychedelics in a big way [Done – “Coming Out Green” will be released soon but still need to do more]

Make Your Impossible List


  • Own Land [Done]
    • Own land in 3+ countries open and dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and construction practices [In progress Canada, USA, Costa Rica]
  • Set up an Off the Grid Renewal Energy System [DONE – Valhalla’s Living Solar Shed]
    • Upgrade the System to be able to power a full home [In Progress]
    • Provide ample power for 50 homes
  • Kill a wild animal and eat all its meat in a sustainable way
  • Build A Sustainability Learning Centre [In Design Phase – WISDOM Designs coming in 2018]
  • Run My own Farm [Done] 
    • Run a Permaculture Farm that creates enough food for me to eat year round [In Process]
    • Do same as above and be able to feed 50 people year round

    Make Your Impossible List


  • Learn how to Fly a Plane
  • Get a Boating License [Done – Spring 2015]
  • Become a Dive Master before I’m 40 [2/4 Steps Done 2012]
  • Become a world class website developer [In Progress]
  • Learn Videography / Photography [Done]
    • Featured Photo in International Magazine
    • Featured Documentary in A World Class Film Festival
  • Speak 5 languages fluently
    • English [Done]
    • French [Done]
    • Italian [Done although could use some work]
    • Spanish [Getting there]
    • Mandarin
  • Learn Salsa Dancing [Done 2013]
  • Be a world Class Cook
  • Be a Phenomenal Speed Reader
  • Read over 1000 Books [142/1000]
  • Have a Gun License for Hunting Purposes [In progress]
    • Learn how to become a Hunter

    Make Your Impossible List


  • Do a Travel around the world Taping and montage of all the places I go [In Progress]
  • Scale the Great Wall of China [Done 2010]
  • Visit the Salt Flats of Bolivia
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef with the Fishes [Done]
    • Help rebuild the Great Barrier Reef by installing a coral plantation
  • Own my own plane or Yatch and use it to travel
  • Visit South America [Done – 2014]
  • Step foot on All Continents of the World [5/7]
  • Visit Alaska
  • Step foot in Antartica
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park [Done]
  • Participate in La Tomatina “World’s Largest Tomato Fight” [Done 2010]
  • Surf the Waves in Costa Rica [Done] 
  • Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand
  • Visit the Pyramids in Egypt in depth
  • Visit Ankor Wat in Cambodia
  • Visit “Easter Island”
  • Enjoy an awesome cruise
  • Visit the Vatican [Done 2013]
  • Do a Euro Tour [Done Nov 2013 – 8 countries 30 days]
  • Live for 6 months in Italy
    • Own a home in Italy

    Make Your Impossible List


  • Start a Non Profit and plant 0ver 100 Trees [Done – Valhalla]
    • Plant or help plant over 10,000 Trees
  • Open up a Charitable Organization [Done – Valhalla Movement Foundation] 
  • Build a Skatepark and support a childhood passion [Done 2007-2010]
  • Raise 1 Million Dollars for Charity
  • Open up a Free Public School [Done]
  • Provide fresh drinking water to a village
  • Provide Electricity to a village [In Progress with Barefoot College]
  • Build a world class business development training program for Social Entrepreneurs [DONE – you are also visiting now]
  • Run an organic Winery [Trying to convince my father to do it lol but working on one now]

Make Your Impossible List


  • Earn a Million Dollars in 1 year
  • Shoot a Documentary [Done – Recipe For Change 2014]
    • Do a feature film Documentary with Financing [In pitch phase now]
  • Host a TV Show [In Development]
  • Run a World Class Podcast with over 1 Million listens [In Progress]
  • Run an International Business [Done 2014]
  • Be a guest Joe Rogan’s Podcast [In progress]
  • Be a guest on Alex Jones’ Podcast
  • Have a conversation with Peter Diamandis about Abundance [Done]
  • Become a Thought Leader for Social Entrepreneurship / Sustainability [Getting there!]
  • Write for Top 50 Website [In progress]
  • Become a Pro / Paid public speaker [Done 2015]
    • Give a speech to a crowd of 10,000+
  • Give a TED Talk
  • Make a Viral Video (1 Million + Views)
  • Build a 50,000+ Newsletter List [Done]
  • Host a Flash Mob over 200 people [Done 2012]
  • Run a Marketing Company [Done – Since 2010]
    • Employee 25 full time partners for marketing [In progress]

Make Your Impossible List


  • Sky dive [Done 2009]
    • Become a Certified Skydiver
  • Bungee Jump [Done – 2010 – 2012 on Numerous Occasions]
  • Swim with Sharks [Done – Australia 2010]
  • Become a Scuba Diver [Done 2008]
  • Learn Stunt Driving [Done 2007]
  • Wingsuit
  • Go Basejumping
  • Tornado Chasing

Make Your Impossible List


  • Visit Space / Start or Support a Space Exploration Company
  • Build a Sustainability School Free to the Public [In Progress]
  • Build and Orphanage
  • Step foot on Mars
  • Build the Worlds largest Ecovillage Movement [In Progress]
  • Be a New York Times / Amazon Best Selling Author
  • Make a Documentary [Done – Recipe for Change 2014]
    • Make an Award winning Documentary Movie
  • Stand for something on the Scale of Ghandi
  • Start An Honest Political Movement / Party
  • Empower a Million people with a positive message
  • Save the World
  • Provide an education to 100,000 people

Make Your Impossible List