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An accelerator is an ecosystem of growth-driven entrepreneurs supporting each other through education, mentorship, and collaboration. You’ll be surrounded by game-changing entrepreneurs and together, we’ll unleash the magic of the hive mind.

The goal is to leverage the experience of top digital marketers to help you grow your online leads and sales as quickly as possible.

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What Can You Expect To Learn In This Course

The reason we created the Digital Marketing Accelerator is to give you what we call the “Magic Moment.”

The Magic Moment is when you take a dance break in the middle of the afternoon because customers are signing up. It’s that moment when your mind expands and you see new possibilities for your business. It’s that burning feeling of your desires coming to fruition. Your mission coming to life. You coming to life. That’s what lights us up. That’s what makes us different. We are pulled to do what we do. It isn’t “work” to us.

Marketing is sacred to the Magic tribe because it’s how we grow our impact in the world. It’s how we help YOU grow YOUR impact in the world.

It’s been said that doing business without marketing is like winking at a woman in the dark: you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.

This is especially true with the explosion of social media over the last decade. You can now instantly change someone’s life on the other side of the planet by typing words onto a screen, exactly like I’m doing right now.

Your message is going to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people in too many countries to count, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

If you’ve had trouble with marketing before (or don’t even know where to start), I have some good news for you. Contrary to many people’s worries and fears…

>> It’s not all that complicated.

>> You don’t have to know everything.

>> And you don’t have to do it alone.

I’m here for you. My entire team is here for you. Because if you’re doing something good in the world, we want you help you make money doing it (a lot of it).

We want to show you how to develop a metric-based method for testing and scaling your online advertising that substantially increases the number of new leads and sales coming into your company each month.

So, if this sounds like something that would be helpful for you, click the red button below and apply right away.

I’ll personally review your application and let you know whether you’re accepted into the program within 3-5 days. If accepted, you’ll join a highly-curated group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs from around the world who are working on scaling their revenues.

In gratitude,

– Marcus McNeill
CEO of Magic Agency

Our 6 Module Curriculum

Essential Ingredients For A Money Magnet

Module 1: The Essential Ingredients of A Money Magnet

Your customers journey starts somewhere and it’s always most enticing if they can click on an irresistible offer that makes them curious and learning a ton about your offer through real value!

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How To Write Ads That Inspire

Module 2: How To Write Ads That Inspire

The customers journey starts with a click and you need to learn what makes a winning ad and show you a ton of great examples!

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Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Module 3: Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages really require powerful consistency that entices your potential customers to act now – we have some really great advice that we KNOW works!

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Closing The Sale

Module 4: Closing The Sale With Email Campaigns & Sales Pages

There are always new techniques, ideas and best practices out there for email campaigns and sales pages but the truth is there is a lot of skill that goes into this stage of your funnel!

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How To Build A Facebook Ad Campaign

Module 5: How To Build A Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook and Instagram ads have proven to be incredibly effective to run for automated leads online but setting them up can sometimes be tricky. We walk you through the step by step how to on the tech side of setting up your campaigns.

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Measuring Results, Optimizing & Scaling

Module 6: Measuring Results, Optimizing and Scaling

What you inspect you can expect! Measuring your results and scaling isn’t as simple as just upping the budget there is a lot of tricks and tips for doing this properly and having the data to continuously and properly grow your potential audience so that you can maximize on the opportunity your funnel creates.

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Marcus McNeill

Marketing Wizard

  • Founder of Magic Agency
  • Years of Paid Advertising Experience with millions in spend!
  • and plenty of lessons learnt the hard way so you don’t have to!

What Our Students Are Achieving

Ryan Schwartz


  • Wanted Financial Freedom
  • Wanted Laptop Life As Entrepreneur
  • Was Looking For Peers To Leap Forward With


  • Created Multiple 6 Figure Launches
  • Landed Dream Clients Working Remotely
  • Found His Tribe & Support Network
The Wisdom You'll Receive

The Essential Ingredients Of A Money Magnet

Turning on the tap to your customers learning about your offers is as simple as getting in front of them on demand! This course is designed to walk you through the process of using paid advertising to build an audience and earn a consistent living.

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The Accountability You Need

  • The “How To”

    24 Classes Available 24/7

  • Mentorship

    Live Classes & Learning Sessions

  • Support

    Private Facebook Group + Q&A

  • Direct Impact

    On The World & Your Wallet

The DMA is Perfect For You If

  • Want a “machine” giving you new leads every day, automatically
  • Are ready for a clear marketing strategy
  • Want a plan for developing a deep relationship with your customers
  • Are serious about growing your sales and are willing to take action
  • Need guidance on what software tools to use and how to hire low-cost freelancers
  • Have tried marketing and advertising before, and got disappointing results

Limited Time Bonus For Those Who
Enroll In The Digital Marketing Accelerator

Instant Access

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What's Included:

  • Full lifetime access to the Digital Marketing Accelerator currilum and all future updates or additions.
  • Access to a growing tribe of students and an evolving platform continously adding new features.
  • Classes divided into smaller chapters so that each of them are easy to navigate and find the wisdom you're looking with ease.
  • Dynamic challenges for each class so you can apply the knowledge directly to your own life and see results right away.
  • Your questions answered directly via email office hours with by the experts at Magic Agency.
  • Access On All Devices From mobile to desktop so you can dive in from anywhere, anytime.
  • Community group and teacher support with a powerful group of 
like-minded students on a similar journey.
  • Bonus opportunities & first dib invites to all Superhero Academy courses and events.
  • An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee 
so you can be confident this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • And customer support whenever you need help, 
so you know you are always taken care of.

Your happiness or your money back!30 Day Superhero Academy Unconditional Guarantee

Here’s the thing.

If you’re feeling unsure of whether or not to start down this path in this course we want to help sweeten the pot even further for you by removing any financial risk you would be taking by taking this next step on this journey with us.

That’s why we are proud to offer a 30 day trial period for any of our courses.

Superhero Academy is in the business of creating successful hero’s journey around the downloading of wisdom from teacher to student in as potent and effective a way as we can. Keyword successful!

We want you to be happy and empowered with profound wisdom, skills and tools it takes for you to change your life and impact the world around you so we have a company wide policy in place that is uncompromising.

We want to feel like our courses, emails, notes, challenges and EVERYTHING you experience when in contact with our school is at the highest of calibers and quality that we are willing to guarantee your satisfaction with any of our courses or your money back.

So if you’re ever anything less than absolutely mind blown by the value our academy can provide for you then by all means just contact support through our platform and we are dedicated to making you smile.

No questions, if you don’t like it for whatever reason you will be reimbursed in full.

Now that we just removed all the risk in starting down this path in this course what else do you need to know?! See you in the classroom!

Accelerate Your Results

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FAQ Some Answers To Help You Decide

What Am I Getting As Soon As I Enroll To The Digital Marketing Accelerator?

24 Masterclasses covering the step by step process you need to launch your online business and earns you money for your existing superpowers.

    • Each of the six modules is delivered in bite-size, actionable pieces that you can soak up in 10-minute increments. In between lessons, you’ll have homework that will take 1-4 hours to complete.
    • Access to bi-weekly “office hours” and direct answers to your questions in our Live Classroom (also on Facebook live in Tribe Group) to get your biggest questions answered so that you can keep momentum in your journey forward!
    • A Mentor To Keep You On Track – because well we know getting this journey started can be tough so we want to help accelerate your learning curve!
    • In between lessons, you’ll have homework that will take 1-4 hours to complete that actually help you see the results directly in your business right away.
    • Access to our private Superhero Academy Tribe Group which is exclusively for those who also took the leap on this journey and into a powerful and tight knit community.

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Does it cost money and do you have a payment plan?

It does because we truly believe those who invest in themselves will take the commitment to actually implement the lessons.

The investment is something we would like to chat with you about directly and we do offer a 3 month payment plans so hit apply as we want to make sure you’re a fit first!

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Can I join if I don't have a product/service yet?

That’s up to you – the more than merrier.

However, you’ll get the most value out of the Accelerator if you already have a product or service, you already have some customers, and you’re ready to get more. The learning modules and call recordings will be available to you forever – so you can look back on them when you’re ready to launch your product.

This accelerator is perfect fit for anyone looking to build leads through the power of paid traffic – you could already have your business running or just be starting out but this will teach you the best practices even for those who have tested ads before.

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I've enrolled in other courses before and not followed through - how will this be different?

Chances are you have signed up for an online course in the past and quit shortly after. That feeling of wasting money, time and energy is no fun!

You are not alone, it happens EVERY DAY in the online education space. Signing up for the Digital Marketing Accelerator isn’t just a transaction of product and cash – you are joining a tribe that will keep you accountable to FINALLY following through with your goals. Our private group allows you to ASK for support and GIVE support to others. Accountability is the difference between committing and quitting.

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I've got a really busy life - will I have enough time to succeed?

Your time is your most valuable asset… can you really afford to spend another year, decade, or full career pursuing a job that doesn’t fulfill you? Even if you only dedicate a few hours a week; you will make huge strides towards a shift in your life by learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, storytelling, and social media that will help you in ANY path you choose.

Through our classes you will be empowered to map out YOUR SPECIFIC route to success. So whether you are a parent, marketer or have a full-time job, you get to choose to move fast or slow (yet still intentional with each step.) Honestly though the opportunity of paid traffic is so valuable that we want you to be able to get up and running as soon as possible

We let you go at your own pace with courses available 24/7.

At the end of the day, regardless of speed, EVERY student is learning the skills it takes to drive traffic to your offers which will be important regardless of what business or avenue you choose in life!

The Digital Marketing Accelerator is a solution that will save you time while making impact for years to come.

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Can I quit at any time?

Absolutely you can throw in the towel at any point as nobody is forcing you to watch these classes but we definitely will encourage you to do such and invite you to actually apply it into your life and business.

Remember that if somehow this course isn’t for you within the first 30 days we will refund you with no questions asked.

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Harness the power of automated leads and sales today!

Your an application away from your first step in a journey to scaling your business

We will get in touch with you asap to set up a time to chat and ensure this is the perfect fit for you.