The Experience


  • Journey

    Discover breathtaking destinations and explore new perspectives

  • Lifestyle

    Embrace healthy daily choices to balance hard work and happy living

  • Tribe

    Connect and collaborate with a superhero team of storytellers and brand builders

  • Empowerment

    Seize your true potential by mastering the ideal life and bringing it home

The Mentors

Decades of Entrepreneurial and Wellness Experience
  • Garrett Adkins
    CMO @ Superhero Academy
  • Marc Angelo Coppola
    Superhero Academy, Valhalla
  • Samantha Lotus
    Real Life But Better

The Results


  • Focus

    Remove distractions, unlock your story, set your goals

  • Road map

    Develop a clear plan of action to meet your objectives and stay on track

  • Toolkit

    Learn the tools and tricks you will need to execute masterfully

  • Launchpad

    Leverage expert guidance to jump start your project and build a network


  • Dedicated to social causes and changing the world
  • Looking to create a deep impact or start a movement
  • Looking to launch or scale your dream project
  • Longing for location independence and financial freedom
  • In search of focus, mentorship and accountability
  • Adventurous, open minded and ready to explore
  • Looking for your tribe and a community you can count on
  • Seeking lasting wisdom that can ensure you are empowered to live this lifestyle financially

Your Tribe is waiting…

We exclusively host our events at ecovillages

What You’ll Get

  • Access to ALL Superhero Academy Mastery classes and below
  • 21 days in a tropical paradise, including:
  • Transformational coaching, workshops  and time to focus on your project
  • Tons of local adventuring & Envision tickets with our own private camp
  • Initiation into a mastermind of awesome changemakers
  • No hassle, all included accommodations
  • Delicious healthy meals
  • Daily wellness practices
  • Transport to / from the San Jose airport
  • Post-Mentorship follow-up and coaching

If there is one word that sums up Superhero Academy it’s ACTION. But often we don’t know what action makes the most impact for us, our businesses and our world. Superhero Academy takes every skill you need as an entrepreneur and gives them all to you in a short but fun video. Things as simple as “Systems Engineering” to things as complex as “Starting a Tribe” are all there. It is truly the youtube of agile entrepreneurship. And it is something that will take your business to the next level.

Erik Huston

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
-Edgar Allen Poe.

Every person I have met through working with the Academy is one who dreams by day and is working tirelessly to transform the world we live in for the better and awaken change. To make a lasting impact and leave behind the legacy of a hero. Each loving the world and those in it so profusely that one cannot help but take notice of them and be influenced by their passion.

Connecting with the academy has had a profound impact on my life and has brought on a plethora of change. Not only have I met various inspiring and successful social entrepreneurs, as well as made countless connections both on a personal and professional level, but the working with the academy has resulted in the creation of a tribe. A tribe of heroes who really are out to change the world for the better.

Jara Dekker - Project & Community Manager

I joined Superhero Academy in March of 2016 and I immediately signed up for their mentorship. I was very discontent with my career choice and I desperately needed a change.

I found the Superhero Academy Mentorship and knew this was the exact type of immersion I needed to figure out my career goals. It is now just a little bit over a year later and I’m now training to become a Certified Soil Consultant. Thanks to the Superhero Academy I have the opportunity as co-founder of Valhalla Vermont as a full time soil consultant for their lavender farm.

The connections and learning experience with the Academy really gives you the drive to break free and accomplish things you once thought were impossible!

Travis Berg - Soil Biology Consultant

The time is…