What would you do to have Freedom?
To be empowered & earn a great living
while having a deep impact doing what you love?

Are you ready to be your own hero?

Let me tell you a story and offer you something
special at the end…

Superhero Academy Kids

Ever since I was a kid – I can remember idolizing superheroes of all kinds…

The good old days dressing up and pretending to be a hero and saving the world from total destruction from the confines of my play room and imagination – it was so much fun.

Whether it be saving the princess in Mario – or playing with legos or those green toy soldiers the goal was always the same. To protect the good guys and innocent and conquer the enemies. Even from a female perspective it seemed like the girls would always play with their dolls in a way that made them the hero, the mommy or at least had Ken come in and sweep Barbie off her feet.

Do you remember those days?

The times you had exploring as a kid and the dreams you cherished dearly without ever considering how “realistic” they were?

Have you ever been asked by a family member in your past:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Ya I thought so – My answer was simple: “A Superhero”.

What was your’s? Still willing to live it today?

My family use to laugh and smile and “politely” plant seeds in my mind by saying things like:

“So perhaps by becoming a doctor or a lawyer you can do that?”

I don’t know about you but I disregarded such because for me my superhero dreams went beyond a more traditional in the box roll that the adults surrounding me had adopted. I really wanted to save the world – from what I had no idea but would only begin to understand later in this story if you continue to read on…

Anyways, then as life seems to do as we grow up, we begin to forget about this and through our teenage years concern ourselves with what we will do with our lives – the opposite sex – what brands we dressed in and whatever was “cool“. We even created different factions where what was popular was considered normal and those who were fringe thinkers were cast away into their respective corners and all this happened at “school”.

Truth is school often did more to close our minds than it did to open it.

Constantly trying to teach us what we “should” be doing to achieve success and teaching us the things we “had” to learn to get there.
I don’t know about you but this also sounds like the path my parents wanted me to take…

School stunts growth versus opens minds

But truth is I’m stubborn.

I just didn’t want to ever accept that my dreams weren’t going to be my reality
…and well turns out I was right! – Here’s the secret…
You can earn a living following our dreams but there is one thing…

One day while looking back – as my entrepreneurial spirit was still emerging – I realized something life changing:

Those days of exploration and imagination as kids were the best days of our lives.

I didn’t just want to be a Superhero, I needed to be one.

Not because I got to sit around and play all day but because I was committed to a Higher Purpose.

A purpose greater than myself upon which I was the hero who was going to save the day even in my own small way.

Why do we abandon our dreams & imagination when it was the most empowering thing we can ever experience?

What good is a superhero story if it isn’t inspiring us to take part in our own?
One thing became really clear…


Now I know what you’re asking yourself: how can I do this?
Truth is you can & it just requires you to go out there and grab it.

Are you interested in earning a great living?
Accumulating wealth in the currencies of
purpose, empowerment and dollars?
Having an enormous impact, all the
while being your authentic self?

If you answered yes, know that it’s ALL possible
Here’s How…

We crafted a class for everyday superheroes like you!
What You Will Learn:

1- The Secret Formula for Telling an Engaging Story
2- Documentation: A Simple Hack For Growing a Following
3- Offering Value: Why People Buy Value Not Products
4- Avatar Building: How The Top Marketers Understand Their Audiences
5- Branding: The Basics of Branding You Need To Know
6- Positive Associations & Collaborations: Ecosystem For Success
7- Pricing: How To Price Your Offer & Earn a Living
8- Delivering Happiness: Crafting Offers That Stick & Create Smiles

Bonus Apprentice Level Classes

Team Building: How To Pick & Build An All Star Team
Crowdsourcing: Successful Crowdfunding & Support For Your Dreams
Website Development: The Basics To Running A Great Website
Passive Income: The Evergreen Mindset To Earning A Living While You Sleep

What Super Powers You Will Have:

➞ The recipe for being self employed and able to work from anywhere in the world
➞ A clear path earning a living doing what you love and following your bliss
➞ A commitment to a mission and idea that will keep you highly motivated
➞ A new reputation via your own story that will empower you
➞ Begin building a following & team to join your cause
➞ A deep understanding of selling real value online
➞ Real world experience and results

Classes are available 24/7 & Are Roughly 60 Minutes Long
Each and every class is recorded and available to you to watch as many times as you want.
+ You will ALWAYS have access to both myself and the dedicated teachers assistant at any point throughout the journey
whether you need clarifications or help in any way.

accountability and teamwork

We Are Here to Keep You Accountable.

One of the key ingredients to success is also not just about what you know – but also about the team of people your surround yourself with.

At Superhero Academy we believe in pairing up students with other students who are great compatible fit for one another to help each other stay accountable and help build teams that play on each others strengths. You will also be added to a private support group where you can all meet each other and discuss outside of the classroom.

Also every single student will have access to both the teacher and a teachers assistant via our Private Slack Chatroom at ALL times. We are here to make sure you are succeeding throughout the week and getting your tasks done without dropping the ball.

In summary here is all the value you can have access to


Now here’s that Special Gift I promised you:

Since this is your first class with Superhero Academy,
we want to offer you a one-time  special…

This is a program we normally run with people on a
one on one basis for over $5,000 dollars per person…

However if you act NOW this class
will be available to you at 90% OFF!!!


I first stumbled upon Marc when seeing information about Superhero Academy. In just 8 short weeks, I was able to lay down groundwork for Clarity Nutrition.

The decision to work with him on a one-on-one basis was an obvious one, and the best decision I have ever made. My first client signed up within another 8 weeks!

Working with Marc has opened doors to bigger and better things, and I accomplished more in four months than I ever thought possible. Marc is able to provide you with honest feedback in order for you to flourish. He has a multitude of experience, working with people from every walk of life, which makes him the go-to guy for any of your coaching needs. If you are looking for someone who will not only keep you accountable to your goals, but truly wants you to succeed, you will not regret working with Marc Angelo!

Jenna Knight - Health and Self-Love Coach - Clarity Nutrition

Marc is god-sent. Armed with an empowering set of skills and years of experience he helped me turn my dream into reality. My life changed before my eyes while he was right there besides me to keep me accountable, motivated and focused. From building new habits to overcoming fear of failure and becoming bolder, Marc helped me take another huge step towards achieving the best version of myself. Besides all that, Marc is a true friend, a one of a kind selfless human being dedicated to changing the world and empowering people. Meeting him and having the possibility to work with him was one of my life biggest blessings.

Emmanuell Norbert Tulbure - GuidedTransformation.net

Heroic Heart

When Marc first announced his intention to launch his Superhero Academy, my heroic heart stood up and answered the call. Four months into his expert guidance and amazing laser-like coaching, I have launched a movement to help others answer the call of their heroic heart to live a life on purpose. I have done branding work for major Fortune 100 companies and for major athletes, but Marc taught me the simple art of delivering a powerful and memorable message every time I share my brand’s story. His course is a must for visionaries birthing an idea whose time has come and must be heard and understood!

Hal Price - Founder of HeroicHeart.org

Isn’t it time you start your hero’s journey?

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