Our online school brings you through a 4 stage journey

Although there is no one path to success, it does leave some clues. No matter the cause they are tackling socially responsible organizations follow a 4 stage journey with multiple key facets it order to build momentum and make change…

Our 8 Stage Hero's Journey


Everyone starts their journey somewhere! This first free level is designed to help you define, explore and commit to your path today…

We can help you get clear on which one of your many ideas you should begin with today.

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Once you have developed your brand, audience and established your income stream and voice it is time to begin considering which vertical you want to master

This level is filled with guest teachers who are masters of their respective domains to teach you how to ascend into the next level of any one specific topic you are looking to be world class at.

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What you can unlock

  • The “How To”

    40+ Classes Available 24/7

  • Mentorship

    From World Class Philanthropreneurs

  • Support

    Private Facebook Group + Q&A

  • Impact

    To Build A Movement

The Results

  • Accountability

    Stay Focused & Clear On Your Mission

  • Tribe

    A community of Like Minds & Direct Support

  • Freedom

    Be Your Own Boss & Earn A Great Living

  • Adventure

    Spread Your Message Around The World

Who This Is For

  • NOT

    Half-Assed Commitment
    Closed Minded and Stubborn
    Happy With Today’s Results In Your Life
    Not Willing To Work Hard For Dreams
    Not Willing To Play A Role In The Tribe
    Not Seeking Accountability
    Not Willing To Invest In Themselves
  • FOR

    Dedicated to social causes
    Looking to launch or scale your dream
    Longing for location independence
    In search of mentorship and focus
    Adventurous, and ready to explore
    Looking for your tribe and a community
    Seeking lasting wisdom & lifestyle shift
    Striving for Financial Freedom


What You’ll Get

  • Access to ALL Superhero Academy Apprentice, Hero, Superhero and Mastery Classes
  • Inclusion into Private Facebook Group & Access to Community
  • Initiation into a tribe of awesome changemakers
  • Direct support and answers from teachers
  • Community exclusive deals, events and Q&A periods
  • Benefits from partner teachers and discounts on other programs
  • Notes and chapters done for you for each class
  • Direct Challenges to keep you accountable for each class

The Teachers

Decades of Entrepreneurial Social Impact Experience
  • Garrett Adkins
    CMO @ Superhero Academy
  • Marc Angelo Coppola
    Superhero Academy, Valhalla
  • Samantha Lotus
    Real Life But Better

What our students are saying…

Working with Marc and the Superhero Academy (spandex optional) is the equivalent to being wheeled into that secret back room where ordinary men and women get zapped, stretched and transformed into the inner-superhero lurking within.

From the very FIRST session, you’ll find your limiting beliefs getting scorched into deathly submission as you catch the inner fire that’s been burning deep within, and pick up the mindset and marketing power ups needed to spread your message further.

The result:
Mastery of your mission. More impact. More freedom.

Ryan Schwartz - Expression Engineer & Founder of FXP

I first stumbled upon Marc when seeing information about Superhero Academy. In just 8 short weeks, I was able to lay down groundwork for Clarity Nutrition.

The decision to work with him on a one-on-one basis was an obvious one, and the best decision I have ever made. My first client signed up within another 8 weeks!

Working with Marc has opened doors to bigger and better things, and I accomplished more in four months than I ever thought possible. Marc is able to provide you with honest feedback in order for you to flourish. He has a multitude of experience, working with people from every walk of life, which makes him the go-to guy for any of your coaching needs. If you are looking for someone who will not only keep you accountable to your goals, but truly wants you to succeed, you will not regret working with Marc Angelo!

Jenna Knight - Health and Self-Love Coach - Clarity Nutrition

phil drolet entrepreneurship coaching

Marc is a one-of-a-kind coach and entrepreneur. He has an uncanny ability to help turn big visions into reality at an accelerated rate, and he cares deeply about the people he works with. Having him in your corner is like getting access to the cheat code of entrepreneurship.

Phil Drolet - Peak Performance Coach & Entrepreneur