You don’t have to scroll far these days to find an “influencer”. But have you ever asked: what are they influencing?

It’s a question I keep asking myself…

I see influencers online with massive followings, and people come up to me to ask, “how can I become an influencer?”

I sense a lot of the time they see it as a ‘quick win’.

After all, anyone with a passion and a story to share can become an influencer these days. Through Facebook, Instagram and youtube you can literally become famous. Influencer Marketing opens you up to perceived money, fame and authority.

You no longer have to write a book, get a degree or spend decades building your influence.

Anyone with a vision can be one, and this is great. The question shouldn’t be if you want to become an influencer, but rather what kind of influencer do you want to be?

Or more important, do you want to settle for just being an influencer…?

Influencer Marketing as we know it is BROKEN!

The world is full of influencers with NO message!

They influence tens-of-thousands of people… but to do what, exactly?

Having influence like this and having no meaningful message is not just a waste, but dangerous. If we’ve learned anything from the recent documentaries on Fyre Festival, it’s that if an influencer says “buy this”, people around the globe will buy it.

If you have an incredible purpose and message, your impact is massive.

But if you’re only in it to make money… the impact you could have is catastrophic.

Anyone with a phone can sway the tide of today’s culture, including you. We’re connected to everyone and could achieve so much, yet too few do because they focus on, “what’s in it for me?”

This is backward thinking, so I ask you again… what kind of influencer do you want to be?

“Anyone with a phone can sway the tide of today’s culture”

To Be A True Influencer is to Both BE FREE and SET FREE!

I consider myself privileged to have the opportunities I do.

Like no generation before us, today we have access to the whole planet:

  • Countries.
  • Culture.
  • Information.
  • People.

All you need is a phone and an internet connection. With this you have the power to be an influencer and break free of the shackles that imprisoned previous generations.

  • Want to learn? Open Google and have it be your university.
  • Want to run a business? Start one with few barriers in your way.
  • Want to travel? Get on a plane and venture to new lands.
  • Want to meet new people? Open Instagram and access any culture you like.

To be an influencer is to BE FREE!

It’s an amazing opportunity we have, yet it’s one so many of us waste because we focus only on the freedom it grants us personally; the return on investment.

Whereas a true influencer also SETS FREE!

You empower those around you to seek their freedom culture and create a lasting impression. You don’t only create a positive return on investment, but positively affect the other ROI: Ripple of Impact.

A true influencer sets their followers free with a meaningful message, inspiring them to live a greater life for themselves and to venture out and create their own ripple of impact.

You Have ONE Life! Your Hero’s Journey Awaits

I often talk about the “hero’s journey”.

It goes back to my love of Batman, and how I spent my youth dreaming about becoming a superhero.

The thing is… we all have the power to be a superhero these days.

Today’s superhero is the Instagram Influencer with 250,000 die hard followers. It’s the Youtube Vlogger with 2 million subscribers. It’s the filmmaker whose videos go viral and reach 50 million people.

As an influencer, you get to change the world.

You… the person reading this… YOU too get to change the world!

  • You can become a philanpreneur and impact a massive amount of people.
  • You can become a Freedom Culture Nomad like me, and travel the globe.
  • You can build a tribe of like-minded people who want to change this world with you.

You can create your own Ripple of Impact, and begin your hero’s journey.


Step out of your bubble. Escape the way of life you believe you have to live. BE who you want to be.

To become a true influencer is not just about building a large online following. You need to unlock your inner artist. This is where the magic lies, because we are all artists deep down

The question is… what’s your art?

It doesn’t have to be paintings, words or music. My art is storytelling; jumping on video and sharing messages that mean something to me (like the message I’m sharing with you here).

Unlocking your inner artist like this not only helps you become an influencer, but ensures you act like one.

Because artists don’t only create their art for money (return on investment), they do so to inspire as many people as possible (ripple of impact). Your inner artist is the key to becoming the influencer the world deserves — and your time has come to unlock it!

How To Unlock Your Inner Artist and Become The Influencer The World Deserves.

Unlock your inner artist, and become the person the world deserves

Influencer marketing is broken. You can choose to be part of the problem, or commit to solving it.

If you’re still reading this, I assume you’re part of the latter.

Unlock your inner artist!

Discover what YOUR art is!

Commit yourself to this and surround yourself with people who empower you to be your best. Give back to these people and empower them to do the same. Build a tribe. Create a movement. Make a difference.

BE an Influencer!

Creativity is the purest expression of a person’s essence, and it’s this essence that’s the most effective way to impact the world and become the influencer you need to be. I have more information about how you unlock your inner artist here, but the first step you need to take is acknowledge it’s there.

Are you ready to be the influencer the world needs?

Or are you happy settling for a large following and a lot of likes?