Alone Again.

Another less than inspiring rage about values. And I was spent.

Producing. All week.

For a couple of weeks actually. I was a machine. A machine I – for the life of me – could not turn off.

A machine that just gobbled up his family in a tirade about the health benefits of “chickpeas.”

What have I become?


This was NOTHING new. I had been here before. Over and over again like a scared cat stuck to a treadmill.

So what in the HELL was wrong?

I had to try harder.


I had to relax.

“Come on, just relax.”

“Try harder.”

After a couple of weeks of crushing it. And I mean CRUSHING IT. I was getting close.

I had single handedly created an array of virtual products that WOULD bring in some extra cash. Finally.

Or it better have. This material was pure gold.

But today I noticed something.

I was in pain.

Small at first. Then I had to take a knee. Why? Was I being lazy?

At the end of my day instead of my night time beddy-bye tea and a good book. I lashed out.

And because of it, I was well on my way to a lifeless “life.” Of resigned family members and distant friends who faded into the “maintenance category.” With a phantom of a social life. I had to do something.


Alarm rings. Again. Snap it off for the sixth time and say goodbye to my morning ritual as  I snooze for a few more mediocre dreams.

“Was I being lazy?”


My body was acidic. I mean acid reflux acidic. Not from overwork. But from UNDER rest.

So I put an end to it. And did some research on the science of rest. The absolute necessity for any aspiring super(wo)man side hustler by night and beast of a barista by day.

Thanks to the insights of Matthew Eldmund doctor and director of the Sarasota Center for Circadian Medicine in Florida. I was inspired to create the R.E.S.T. Formula.

The secret weapon to help you rewire your brain for relaxation and renewal. And work like a demon while living a real person life. That means enjoying your life while you self author your virtual empire.

R.E.S.T is an acronym for your mind body and emotions. Each require different forms of total rejuvenation to be operating at your peak according to Michael Gelb and Kelly Howell authors or Brain Power. So buckle up for 3 different R.E.S.T Results.

Think of this like A.A. for your R&R.

So here we go:

Mental R.E.S.T:

The mind rests best when it is safe, and you have an easy going control of your focus. It should R.E.S.T every day. You deserve it. Think of it like this:

  1. Rewire your thinking (Because your mind is dying to integrate your days lessons. So don’t “cross your wires” and take control of your mind. Try Self Hypnosis for start. You can even try and design your own meditations)
  2. Expect a positive future (Which gives you more of what you want, AND releases happy chemicals. Give it a try with visualization.)
  3. Hold Soft focus (Your brain is relaxing, you need to let it. So let your mind drift in its self contained future glory, try relaxing music. The New Age Genre does the trick. Or you can try some nice lofi beats)
  4. Totally immerse yourself (Pick a relaxation activity that really lets you get into it, like a game or your personal mediation.)

Emotional R.E.S.T

Emotional rest, is social rest. It happens when we are with, or feel like we are with our close friends and family and are having a good time. Give The Emotional R.E.S.T a try at least once a day:

  1. Relay your day (who does not like to stream their consciousness? Journal or find a nice gossip buddy at the salon. Keep it clean!)
  2. Express yourself fully (don’t hold back! Be your absolute self. And be with people that you feel safe expressing totally to)
  3. Be Stupid or Silly (Have fun. This is a time to cut it loose and be a real jackass. Your wellbeing will thank you for it. Anything that evokes some laughs is good.)
  4. Do it Together (Ever heard “To many cooks spoil the soup?” yeah, not with this. Join forces for some GTs and get some R.E.S.T)

Physical R.E.S.T

Physical R.E.S.T. is all about the body. And some things make the body relax and open up. Make sure to schedule in some Physical R.E.S.T each day:

  1. Reset your (In other words DETOX or any other form of cellular rejuvenation. The very BEST products and company I have ever found to reset your cells is Purium’s #CleanGreenCleanse product line. Use it with the Discount code “RefreshYourCells” at check out.) The other R for body is to “Relax” your cells (Or Release Tension through deep tissue massages, yoga or some super good sex (sorry no links for you 😉
  2. Experience it totally (Use all of your senses for your physical rejuvenation, get some candles or oils, some nice sweet food, get a massage. Get “sense-y” with it!
  3. Soak your body. (This one is popular. Get under or in some water. There is something magical about resting in a shower or soaking in a tub.)
  4. Temperature matters (It does. Use colds for sleep, and refreshing yourself. Use hots for releasing tension and expanding yourself)

Final Thoughts

Sleep is a must too. But there a billion articles on sleep. And virtually none on how to literally give yourself a break.

Because you need one from time to time to be the beast that you are. The hero you are.

It is very important to get some physical, mental and emotional R.E.S.T each and every day. Make it a habit. And learn to take care of yourself in this cray world.

You deserve it.

Until next time heroes!