Do you have office depression? John does.

John works in an office. His office has a cubicle. His cubicle has a desk. And John sits in his desk from nine until five. Where he fills in the blanks for corporate’s “transcontinental”- multi-team projects.

John does not know why they do them.

And this makes him a little frustrated.

Because John knows what he wants.

He wants to have a footprint on this earth. And it is not the kind of footprint he suspects the head office is making. But John knows he doesn’t  have it THAT bad. Especially considering the salaried work. Even though he hates it.

So he sips back his XL double-double and fills in the bubbles on his “work.”

On his bathroom break he has another un-inspiring or even flat out disappointing conversation with Mike from the stats department. And he sits through another couple hours in the office.

It is in those hours, in the spaces between the lines, that John dreams.

John has dreams, you see.

He dreams of travel, adventure, meeting the love of his life. Healing the planet.

He dreams of, and wants, to make an impact.

This is the “me” John knows himself as.

And despite this, he is still like a clay man in a tin factory.

Ultimately paying for his fading dreams with his better-than-average salary.

Can you relate?

Are you secretly John? Are we ALL secretly John?

Hold up, the story is far from over. John knows what he wants, and damn it he is gonna get it.

He starts by reading online about how to inspire his co-workers.

He tries some edgy conversation topics to break the classic “worker’s banter” that sweats though this office like a flock of yapping geese.

But they all just looked at him strange, and continue yapping.

But John is not done. He gets his hands dirty, dresses extra suave, pulls a few power poses in the shitter and stompes into his manager’s office. If John could not change things, maybe he could…

“Naw, we have policy here, and we stick it to the books” As if “we” included John.  

John needs a promotion. And he just does not know it.

He has caught “Office Depression.” And it seems like there is no way out.

If this sounds familiar, you probs have caught the “OD” too. But like any depression, there is a way out.

That is why this article is all about helping you GET OUT of office depression and turn your fading dreams into a promotion. To reignite your soul.

So you tried everything eh? How did that work out for you? what to do now…

Take ownership.

That is the ONLY way to get your fulfilling work back, including your mojo.

YOU have to take ownership of YOUR work.


Easy: Have a Work Baby.

“Erik, what in the hell are you talking about?”

I’ll tell you.

When you have a baby, there is no constructive way out of that commitment.

It’s do or die.

And let me tell you, seeing your new child grow old and become who they were born to be. BECAUSE of your commitment. THAT is the most fulfilling thing a man or woman can do.

So how does this have to do with your work, and getting out of your office depression? What does this have to do with you getting a promotion for your dreams?

Well think about what a promotion means for you:

Would you like corporate to PAY FOR your travel?

I know people who have done it.

How would you like it if your team was ON FIRE with YOUR vision?

Making creative connections to help make your current “Would do” a “Done.”

What if you ran a team, where YOU DIRECT your companies influence and resources?

What kind of social impact would YOU have?

All the while reducing your companies carbon footprint.

If your saying “Woah.” Yeah, it WOULD be great.

But you need the self initiative to get there, and it might take years.

The only way to get there is to TAKE OWNERSHIP. To have a “work baby.”

Which simply means take a project, and bring it to TOTAL COMPLETION.

From start to finish.

No outsies.

When you do this, you get fired up. A) because you challenge yourself and B) because you get to see and measure your progress. And guess who else can? The big guys upstairs can too.

This whole thing also puts you (and poor John) into a state of flow. And when you are done the day’s task, the chemical cocktail of achievement feels fantastic. Keeping you going for the next day.

This is the secret of high performers everywhere. Inside or outside of your company.

Of course, this means you will have to work with your boss. Ask him if you can have one project all your own. Even if you only spend one power hour a day on it. In the office OR even at home. It will open the door to more.

So enjoy this. It is like an endorphin rush for your work brain. And just like exercise it might take you a bit of adapting to get used to.

But you will love it.

So do you want to go home on the weekend and drink away the work week? Or do you want to live a directed life on purpose?

Do you want to resign yourself to more meaningless work? Or do things that help you live your greatest self?

And have fun doing it. AT WORK!

This is your chance.

So make a plan, and work with your boss on this.

And if he says “No”, you have to be prepared to quit. Which we make very simple in our “How to quit your nine to five” class on SuperHero Academy. It will help you quit your 9-to-5 while keeping your income solid. (Check it out Here!)

In the meantime, Stay frosty Heroes!

And remember, the World need the in best You.

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