Another 15 minutes pass.

Your fumbling words around on this page like overtime in a little league foottie game.

Back and forth. Black then Blank.

Who knew writing marketing material was such a big deal?

You know you need to get this piece in front of your customers. But you also know that there is a big fat block between you and the spotless page in front of you.

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Why? You know it’s your body.

Productivity is a big problem after a night of drinks, or worse, a big mac combo (or any guilty regret actually).

If only there was an undo button for the last night/meal/encounter, your game would be on.

But no.

You feel like slime.

You made a mistake and you know you have to get over it.

If fact you know this feeling will pass. But it affects your work. Gumming up your gears and preventing you from peak performance. It makes you NOT WANT to do anything. Even though you DO have a fire to get it done.

Your fire just might be chained to a ball of goo covered in blunted spikes. Or the equivalent of a hangover migraine.

Well here is the thing you need to hear: You can’t undo.

But you CAN be you.

I mean come on, you know this will pass. And you WILL get your mojo back. Your energy. Your fire.
But that won’t last either.

Not if the same things happen again and again.

Well there is the secret to quantum health and performance.

It is this: “Do what you know you should do.”

In other words: COMMITMENT.

What does this mean? It means that you no longer foreshadow your actions. You don’t anticipate not drinking. You don’t anticipate your failures or your “little wins”

You just flow with commitment.

Think of it like this:

Your actions and choices are like a river. They flow as they like. But your commitment, this is like the river bank. Solid, unmoving, directing and informing the river.

So when you are with friends and you are out. Consult your level of commitment. How high are your banks? Will the river spill out? And the gorging commence?


But no one is mad at a river for flooding. And you should not be either when your commitment is overrun by happenstance.

It should be fine with you so long as you are WORKING TOWARDS building up bigger banks.

This means you are Proactive. And when you are Reactive, you know you are only acting out of what you have proactively build before.

It is simple: Schedule ONE Proactive action that you WILL take to build your “commitment river banks.”

It could look like making yourself walk to the bar everytime you want a drink. Or bringing healthy drink mix to restaurants. Or just making sure that you get some work done before you indulge.

I personally like the coin trick for building willpower. When you want to indulge, flip a coin. Heads you indulge, tails you win long term.

So what does a life of commitment look like? Well a solid body for one. A body that feels Great. Health that makes you feel on fire. Clarity: The ability to cut right through people’s bullshit, where you get that moment of “omg” on your friends face: “your right.”

How about spacious open energy from a healthy body and a life on purpose? And the productivity it brings?

Imagine banging out projects like a wiz.

That is what commitment affords.

Everyone is committed to something, but it is a rare someone who feels it out and lives their commitment.

That’s power.

And it is very important for business success. And for anyone to take you seriously.

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