“I did it again.”

“I stood right in the centre of the bulls eye and I let it hit me smack in the head. How could I let this happen to me again-again-again-” Oh, excuse me.

let me flip the record.

The light-house of your dreams


Have you been here? In a spiral of fear, shame and regret? Replaying the thought “I’m just not good enough?” Again. And again.

Welcome to my high school.

This record was my everyday experience. And because of it I felt heavy and negative. Almost all the time.

There was no way I could imagine how my life would turn out: the true entrepreneur’s playground.

Through this journey I have grown a following of clients who love what I do and who I care for deeply. While at the same time working for companies that are truly changing the world.

It was all the lessons I learned in High School that got me here. Lessons which will help you get others to look to you for advice. And without being a wannabe.

The Li(f)e

Back in high school not only could I not have imagined my life today, I didn’t even know what my tomorrow would look like. In all likelihood, it would have looked just like the last.

Imagine this; you wake at 7 for those god-awful High School start times. Grab yea’ ratty coat and get on the bus. You listen to the most awful, disturbing rap music ever because you think that’s what the “cool kids” do.

I was frustrated. Frustrated at myself. And my vein attempts to “get people to like me” just made it worse and worse. It was like the harder I tried to get respect the harder they pushed.

And for a good reason. In honesty I was making every mistake in the book. And I had no idea.

But one day it was just too much. I was in the shower, crawled up (Yes, like the movies) and felt so awful.

I thought I couldn’t bear it.

And then it happened.


A separation. Small at first. Then a chasm.

Between myself and who I thought I was. Including all my fears and worries.

And while you might be far further along than I was; this was the key that made me a superstar:


For the first time in my life I was in acceptance.

I was accepting the fundamental truth of my futile attempts at a social life.

I wanted others to accept me. BUT -here is the caveat- I didn’t even want to accept myself!

In that shower, that night, I was accepting. I was accepting that I wasn’t accepting myself!

And in that place of receptivity I got the first piece of useful guidance in far too long.

“Get a mentor.”

And so I did.

And over the span of a year he taught me the core of this six step process for becoming an influencer.

From there I was off.

I was able to start creating the life of my dreams and get paid for it because of this process. And now I coach multiple people all doing amazing things with their lives. To be better and reach their dreams through sound strategy and connections.

My mentor taught me the importance of VALUES and STANDARDS.

The things that I needed to hold myself ACCOUNTABLE to in order to respect myself. And consequently have others respect me and get results in their lives.

The process is simple and is in fact the core component of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). The newest wave of behaviour therapy that is sweeping psychotherapy with fantastic results.

Thousands of people use ACT to get over major depression and anxiety disorders. So building an influential persona with it is like a walk in the park!

So here is the process that you can do NOW to start impacting your success with others. It is called the BE MERI model from a great business teacher Eben Pagan. It goes like this:

There are six dimensions to life (six steps). Three inner dimensions and three outer dimensions.


Here is what you will do:

  1. Pick one to three VALUES for the inner portion of the model (ie. Mind: “Clarity, Order, Direction” Emotion: “Happiness, Confidence”  Body: “Health”)
    1. Values are names, that you would give yourself, or qualities you have. So find the ones that best fit the best you!
  2.  Next attach an action to each of the outer dimensions. (ie Ideas: “Write up a strategy for my goals” Relationships: “Take my kids out to lunch tomorrow” Environment: “Clean my house” or “Pick up the neighbourhood trash”
    1. This action is guided by your values and performed by your best self.

That’s it! (Bonus points if you schedule your actions.)

By setting some STANDARDS or VALUES for yourself and setting up their corresponding actions, you provide the environment for self respect. And eventually others will take notice and ask you for your secret.


Ultimately, it was not the influence and respect I wanted. It was the tribe of like minded heroes to keep me accountable to myself. And Those things I hold dear. Those things I LIKE about myself.

Because it takes a tribe to raise the best in you.

And for that reason, we would like to invite you to the Super Hero Academy Facebook Community. To get your ball rolling towards influence and the greatest you yet!

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~ Erik