This article is sponsored by Shapr – although I reached out to them because I loved the app and honestly felt it’s potential to be a game changer for those in our community so consider this a personal endorsement as well.
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Over the years as an entrepreneur I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars looking to find the right people. Attending networking events around the globe, connecting through social media, email, skype and introductions has been a tedious process but also a necessary one.

If I’ve learnt anything in life and in business finding your tribe is crucial for your success and to smile while you enjoy the ride…

That’s why I was thrilled to discover Shapr, a free app that helps people with synergetic professional skills and values to easily meet and collaborate.

If you already have the perfect idea and want a team to launch it, you are looking for investors for your startup, or you just want to grab a cup of coffee with someone new, Shapr introduces people who are equally interested in making a difference. The ultimate goal is to encourage professionals to learn from each other and find ways to collaborate


The app uses an algorithm to display a manageable number of curated profiles based on your interests such as #entrepreneurship or #sustainability, goals and location. According to a detailed Stock Rover review, that’s 15 potential opportunities a day to find a mentor, an investor, or a collaborator.

Swipe right if you’re interested in meeting that person, or left if they aren’t the right fit at this time. When you match, you can message and set up a time to grab coffee, exchange ideas, and discover ways to help each other.


Sure, you can get out there every night hustling business cards, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time reading a book, cooking dinner with your family or heading to the gym and taking care of yourself?

Shapr is a productive and impactful way to make the right connections without hours of work to get there. The app focuses on quality matches, so that you can meet the people necessary to take your business goals to the next level.

A great example is the story of Ben Dickens, the founder of UK marketing agency DVO. Through Shapr he met Liane Katz, a London mother on a mission to promote digital literacy in young children. Ben offered to connect Liane with his network including angel investors he knew. By the next coffee, the conversation shifted towards launching a crowdfunding campaign, and Ben came on-board to help raise £150k, working on the pitch and campaign. When I spoke with him, the campaign was well on its way and due to go live with a significant number of confirmed investors.

“We’re excited to launch our seed equity round publicly, with a significant number of confirmed investors already. I’ve also been asked to continue working with the team on marketing and growth in 2018,” says Ben. “The reality is that if you’re looking to network, Shapr is the best opportunity to meet people. The algorithm filters out the noise you get on other networks.”

This “mindful networking” approach is an efficient way to hack networking to meet the right people for your ideas and hopefully mentor a few along the way. Technology already changed how we search for jobs. Shouldn’t it also impact the way we make meaningful, professional connections?

I can’t help but wonder the possibilities this app can unlock for crowdsourcing solutions to problems around the globe and it excites me to think that I might be a swipe away from a new business partner or someone who can help me scale Superhero Academy to the next level.

Get out there and find your tribe!

Test it out for yourself – Shapr is free for iOS and Android.

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