Rob Greenfield went from living an ordinary life, to being renowned for the extraordinary changes he’s made to that life. After becoming more aware of the affect his livelihood had on the Earth around him, he challenged himself to live without money, without bills, without possessions, and has found a radical degree of peace within that. Watch as he and Marc Angelo discuss steps, both big and small, that can be taken to live a more intentional life, and to really live in harmony with the world around you.

Key Points Made by Marc Angelo and Rob Greenfield

• Rob lives the ‘simple life’- but in reality, lives the life of an adventurer. He experiments and attempts a lot of different ways of living- biking across the country, living in a tiny house, and even building himself a good online web following. [2:00]

• His early life was a battle between wanting to be normal, and wanting to do great things. It wasn’t until after college, though, that he began watching documentaries which opened his eyes to the reality of how his livelihood connected to the world around him. [4:05]

• Documentaries abound, the information to become aware of the world is as easily available as Netflix or a quick Google search. That awareness by itself can be enough to propel you into action. [6:45]

• In order to challenge himself, Rob started at the peak. He flew 1300 miles away, with no money and no possessions, and made it his goal to hitch-hike home. [10:30]

• The big issue with becoming aware and trying to make more responsible decisions is that, as a cultural identity, things like big corporate chains and plastic disposable cups, and more are so commonplace, that they can be hard to avoid without making a fuss. What’s important is starting by making small choices about what your life is filled with, and letting that expand naturally. [11:30]

• Break down your day into its smallest specifics, and think about it. What toilet paper do you use, what toothpaste? How high do you keep the air conditioning? Make a list of all the things you could change for the better, and then pick the things you feel excited about, and change those.  Once you’ve done that, begin to build on top of it. [17:30]

• Some things are harder to get over than others- cell phones and computers are absolutely powerful tools, but if they are keeping you away from your own consciousness, preventing you from being active and aware in the world. [22:00]

• Living consciously, in tandem with nature and your core values, can be both a practical and a spiritual act. [24:00]

• Rob moved into a tiny-house, and decided to live the lowest possible impact lifestyle. [26:00]

• Culture shifts with possibility. It’s easy to allow things to remain the same day after day, but when you begin dreaming of the possibilities, the steps it takes to manifest those become apparent. [32:30]

• Part of the way Rob makes his money-less thing work is through sharing. He trades his labor for much of what he needs, he has friends help him in a variety of ways like lending him items, but the benefit to that is that at the end of the day, he can donate well over ninety percent of the money he makes. [36:00] 

• People own a great variety of possessions: ladders, drills, mixing bowls, etc that do not get used as often as they honestly should. So why do we have to have those as personal possessions? Why couldn’t they be owned and shared by a community? [38:00]

• Food waste doesn’t come from reasonable causes. Sometimes it’s stocking issues, sometimes it’s cosmetic, sometimes it’s suggested sell-by dates. But it all contributes to tremendous wastefulness. [46:00]

• If we promoted more vegetarian diets and didn’t put all of our food to cattle feed, we could easily feed four times the population of America. Instead, we have 50 million food insecure Americans. [52:00]

Powerful Quotes

• “It was the most exciting time of my life getting to make this transformation.” – Rob Greenfield [9:05]

• “Just do what’s right most of the time. Try your hardest. If you make a mistake, move forward, and don’t beat yourself up.” – Rob Greenfield [15:30]

• “Start to ask yourself, could I live without this?” – Marc Angelo Coppola [17:20]

• “My spirituality comes down to living an examined life, living in alignment with my beliefs, living with the truths that I know, and all of that comes down to connection with nature.” – Rob Greenfield [24:30]

• “Environmentalism is one hundred percent mindset.” – Rob Greenfield [31:00]

• “The average electric drill is used for thirty-one minutes in its entire life.” – Rob Greenfield [38:30]

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