What does it take to become a leading name as a life-coach and motivational speaker? For Shannon Graham, it was a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of determined will-power. Making the most out of any bad situation, Shannon decided that he was going to help improve people’s lives, and do so well enough to make a living from it, and in so doing, learned how to create a legacy. This is the story of how he accomplished his dreams, and how you can too.

Key Points Made by Marc Angelo and Shannon Graham

• Shannon reached a point in his life where he was deep enough into drugs and crime, that his options looked like jail or worse. But this didn’t sit well with him, it didn’t seem like either option suited his purpose in life, so he began to try and figure out what was, and it’s that curiosity that saved him and helped him find success. [2:30] However, executive addiction treatment can help people to overcome from drug addiction.

• He realized that the way he was- drunk, on drugs, and down on his luck, he wouldn’t be able to figure out the answer to his curiosity. So he began looking into self-help to get himself out of that place. [5:45]

• He reached a strange point where he knew everything about self-improvement, but he wasn’t actually changing. So he had to begin looking into becoming his knowledge, or making it practical.  Once he began to change, it was a monumental change, and he felt compelled to share his transformation with everyone around him. [8:40]

• Through his adventures in New York City, Shannon experiences a lot of things, but nothing was as informative as the time he spent homeless for a week. Hailing on his childhood love of the show MacGyver, he got to experiment with looking at the things at his disposal a little differently. [16:00]

• It was while homeless that Shannon realized- even at that point in his life, he was still proud of where he had gotten. He was no longer on path to jail or worse, he was just in an inconvenient spot. He realized he could give people the sort of advice it would require to help others make the most of their lives, and thought he could even do so well enough to get people to pay him. [22:00]

• When he had the first client for his life coaching business, Shannon had the perfect opportunity to either seize the moment or let it drift away. So he walked right up to the guy and insisted that he was worth the guy’s time. [30:00]

• Don’t underestimate what the value of effective and pertinent advice really is to someone. You may have always helped people as a friend, but to someone who doesn’t have that sort of help readily available to them, your counsel could be priceless. [39:00]

• Not everyone is a creator, designer, or producer. Some people’s gift to the world is themselves- the way they think and communicate and share a valuable message, and ultimately exemplify that message with their own lives. [48:00]

• Instead of trying to change the entire world at once, Shannon promotes trying to change a few people so thoroughly, that their change can ripple through the people around them. [52:00]

• Humans need connection- not just interaction online, but real connection to other human beings and other ways of life, so don’t neglect the daily opportunities you have to find that, and don’t underestimate how hungry people are for that. Shannon’s legacy program exists for this purpose. [59:00] 

• If you believe you are the gift, figure out what your gift is. Are you empathetic, intuitive, creative? Once you’ve identified that, figure out how you can create an atmosphere to transform the people around you with that? [1:03:00]

• Know the difference between opportunities and distraction. Recognize what’s truly moving you toward your final goal, toward your legacy. [1:08:45]

Powerful Quotes

• “Yes, we’re greedy for ourselves, but for the most part, we want to see our whole tribe grow.” – Mark Coppola [11:45]

• “If you can affect people, they will return that value whatever way they can.” – Mark Coppola [38:45]

• “There are two types of people in the world. People who have a gift… and people who are a gift.” – Shannon Graham [47:45]

• “If you have a movement, you have to have the ability to lead the movement.” – Shannon Graham [1:06:00]

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