Quitting a job you hate is like freeing yourself from a prison that had stripped you of your passion, your dignity, and your self-esteem. Even before our first day of work, we get the feeling that there’s something wrong with our new job, but for whatever reason, we sign the contract anyways.

I’m sure you thought the job you now hate would help you in your quest for taking control of your life, but all it did was make you hate your life. Every time your boss walks by, you want to shout,

“Screw the paycheck! My bills can go unpaid. I’d rather be unemployed than put up with another day of this soul-crushing labor!”

You hate your job because you feel undervalued. It seems like you’re only there for the paycheck. You haven’t learned a new thing in the months since you finished your training. Your boss just doesn’t understand how to motivate you or create a good workspace. And honestly, you’re so miserable that you aren’t even doing your job well.

But the tiny voice in the back of your head goes, “Hey, as bad as this is, hunger might be worse. Let’s just put up with it a little longer. We’ll figure something out later for sure…”

I want to help you take control of your life and quit that job you hate. But don’t just quit without a backup plan. Let’s look at what you really want in your life and some important steps to get every piece of it.

Taking Control of Your Life

Taking Control of Your Life

Taking control of your life is essential to being ready to quit that job you hate, but in order to do either of those things, you need to really understand what it is you want to do. Think about your dream life- a job with freedom that satisfies you as a person, the ability to see the world, a beautiful home in the country, and to never worry about paying your bills again.

Maybe some of the things you want are unrealistic, but there is no reason you can’t have everything you need to feel fulfilled if you understand what they really are.

How Do You Work?

It’s important to not overthink this. You’re not trying to craft a dream job, but trying to understand the most important aspects of your work balance. Taking control of your life means creating or finding the opportunities to work the way you thrive. Start by answering these simple questions:

  • How many hours a week would I work?
  • How much does my job pay?
  • Would I run a team, work with a team, or work independently on contracts?
  • Is my job technical, or creative?
  • Would I work from home or commute to an office?

These will be your guidelines that you use in the future to pick between better or worse jobs. A great job will align perfectly with all of your answers. An okay job might only align with three. And let’s be honest- that job you currently hate and want to quit probably fails every test.

Where Do You Live?

A job can often be a massive shackle to a particular location. Many people don’t realize it, but when they quit jobs they hate, they’re really quitting because they can’t stand the location that job keeps them in.

Think about where you live now- does it provide you opportunities to do the things you love? If you’re a natural born wildman, but are trapped in an industrialized city, you may never find a job that brings you true peace. Moving can be stressful, and difficult, but it can open up opportunities for you to get what you really want.

The real challenge of taking control of your life isn’t external, but internal. Are you brave enough to take the steps you need to? Will you go where you can thrive, or remain in a place that you hate?

Purpose and Passion

A hard truth to hear, but an important one, is that your job may never bring about the fulfillment of your life’s purpose, and it may never be your one and only passion. Before quitting that job you hate, ask yourself if there’s something you could start doing outside of work to help you live out your purpose and passion.

This additional source of joy can come in the form of a hobby, or even your own entrepreneurial venture.

If you don’t have any idea what your purpose or passion is at all, then it might be time for you to do more than just quit your job. You might have some real work to do getting your shit together. That guide is a surefire way to help you identify and cultivate your passions, and even provides the basics of turning those passions into marketable skills.

Actually Quitting the Job You Hate

Once you know what you want from the next phase of your life, you’ll be itching to get on with it. There’s more work to do first though, because taking control of your life happens before you get to quit the job you hate.

Write down the ideas you came up with about where you want to be, and now we’ll begin creating a road map to get there. Look at each idea, and consider it a goal. Now ask yourself why you haven’t achieved those goals.

Let’s go through a few ideas of what you might want to change, and how to get ready to change your life for the better.

If you feel like you aren’t in the right location-

How can you take control of your life and move where you’ll be happy? Would you be happier somewhere with a different climate, more or less people, a different culture?

Reach out to people who already live in places like what you crave and start building a community where you want to be. Find potential employers who meet your needs, and either ask for a job you won’t hate, or ask them what you can improve so that they would be willing to take you on.

The hardest part of moving somewhere new is coming to terms with what you’re leaving behind- so determine whether what you have is worth more than what you’re hoping to gain elsewhere.

If you feel like you can’t afford the changes you need-

What expenses can you cut from your daily life so you can save enough money to take control of your life? Do you buy expensive drinks or meals at restaurants that you could reproduce at home for cheaper? Is all of your relaxation in the form of expensive hobbies like bar-going and concerts, when there are free events or activities that could replace them?

What sort of budget do you have, if any? Are you expecting yourself to save money for the future, or spending every bit of every paycheck from the hated job that you want to quit?

How do you generate more value for the people who want to pay you for the skills you have? Maybe you need to improve your skills by learning from someone with more experience than you. Maybe you need to offer your value to more people by talking about it more publicly. Maybe you need to find the people who need you most.

If you feel like you aren’t pursuing your passion-

Determine whether you can find an employer that will enable you to pursue your passion, whether you can pursue it completely on your own, or whether you should be considering creating a business for yourself to allow you to pursue it. Don’t forget to refer to the guide to getting your shit together if you’re struggling in this area.

Gain clarity around your passion and become an expert in it. Make sure to learn something new everyday, and constantly challenge yourself to find new ways to use that expertise to provide value to others. Remember, entertainment is a value just as much as a service or a useful product.

The Challenge of Moving Forward

Moving Forward

The more you look at what you have to do to take control of your life and quit the job you hate, you may begin to feel daunted. If you find yourself wondering, “How am I going to figure this all out on my own?” feel assured that you aren’t alone.

Anytime you’re looking to make a big change in your life, especially one that requires such a great risk, it can be easy to want to back down.

But the more you look at what you have to do to take control of your life and quit the job you hate, you may begin to feel daunted. If you find yourself wondering, “How am I going to figure this all out on my own?” feel assured that you aren’t alone.

This article is only the start. I told you that I wanted to help you get ready to quit your job, and I’d like to be able to talk to you directly. We at Superhero Academy are holding a free webinar later this month to walk you through these steps we’ve already discussed, and much more.

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