Nathan Chan doesn’t consider himself a high-achiever, but nonetheless he’s found an incredible audience sharing the successes of entrepreneurs around the world. Much of his success came from an innovative strategy for his Instagram campaign, but the hustle and grind behind his dedication proves that he earned every bit of his magazine’s success.

Main Questions Asked

How did you get where you are now? [1:05] 

What led you to discovering your genius or your superpower with Foundr Mag? [5:30]

What helps you continue to improve and grow? [16:00]

What do you think is the impact of social entrepreneurs on the planet moving forward? [21:00]

How were you able to reach your million people? [27:30]

Key Points Made by Marc and Nathan Chan

Foundr Magazine exploded in popularity through their excellent use of Instagram as a marketing tool. Their main goal is to show people what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur through a multi-faceted platform. [1:05]

An entrepreneur always wants to go faster, do more, and explode in popularity. The ‘more’ mentality is classic, but the climb can be unsteady and unpredictable. [3:45]

Nathan actually wasn’t a high-achiever. He scraped by in school and barely found anything that he was exceptional at. Finally he gave up grinding at jobs he hated and decided to try to find something he actually enjoyed. [5:30]

He chose marketing as his new focus, and continued trying different avenues with it, but nobody would hire him. He couldn’t find the chance to shine, so he made his own. He built the magazine and covered the costs with his wages from his full-time job. [8:20]

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to be your own biggest backer. By making yourself financially accountable for your success and failure, you build up the determination to stop at nothing. [12:00]

Constantly appealing to experts is a powerful way to improve your personal skills. There are plenty of people with great ideas and great skills beyond you- and reaching out can turn those into opportunities. [16:10]

Social entrepreneurship was long held back by the thought they couldn’t be for-profit. However, the reality is that even for-profit businesses are capable of being focused on a positive benefit. [21:20]

The tragedy of the commons is that what’s good for me might not be good for my neighbor. We need to keep our eyes on the process of doing good for ourselves, and for others. This is the role of benefit-corps, a new type of corporate filing which aims for both. [25:10]

Instagram is a unique platform, but it’s also an amazing way to spread a message. Foundr can get thousands of people tagging their friends to follow their account on a single post, just by consistently creating content their audience wants. [30:00]

Powerful Quotes

“The real genius comes when someone finds the courage to step up and go, “I’m going to try that.” – [Marc Angelo Coppola] [10:30]

“I’m very lucky that I’m able to connect with some brilliant minds. And every person that I speak to I learn from, and that’s helped me accelerate the growth of the business.” [Nathan Chan] [16:10]

“We try to encourage people that there’s another thing you can do… your whole life isn’t mapped out for you.” [Nathan Chan] [27:00]

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