Recently I watched “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” and although I already knew the story I was brought to absolute tears…

Yes I sat here sobbing.

Crying like a baby at just how fucked up we are and the irony of how unjust our justice is drives me absolutely insane.

Tears of utter despair and sadness running down my face for the true grievances that I have not only for Aaron’s unfair prosecution and character assassination attempt but for the true freedom of the world and the information within it.

I am constantly at war with the current system and if I know anything about the universe that also means myself…

The paradigm of fake money – corporate corruption and special interest domination on the world as we know it. Every single day our world is barreling forward towards a giant brick wall. Environmental degradation – climate change – financial slavery – poisoned food water and “medicine” – and a world where censorship and spying is becoming more and more prevalent and it sickens me.

It has depressed my ability to have fun at times. Dispirited my relationship with enjoying the little things as well as those around me. Dejected my ability to take things lightly or to feel like this world needs a superhero and that it doesn’t need to be me…

Why me? Why do I have to feel this way?

As I do every week I watch yet another documentary and constantly subject myself to the feeling the enormous magnitude of the weight of the world and how small I am compared to the huge problems we face and yet I fight EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I fight for what is right in this world – I fight for Freedom Culture in all shapes and sizes – for all people and beings that have and ever will exist to have the freedom to explore their curiosity. A freedom to express themselves and to be heard all the while figuring out more and more about the absolutely fascinating universe we live in.

Today however is a special kind of angry. A special kind of PISSED OFF and a special kind of callout to all those who dare to read – but most importantly myself.

I’ve termed it Ragetivation…

ragetivation definition

Every day I live with a philosophy that drives me absolutely wild but motivates me beyond all measure. The motivation that comes with solving the world’s biggest problems. Facing the biggest villains this world has destroying its very fabric systematically. I step in front of the information super highway that is this realm and allow the light and truth to guide me in a fight between good and evil.

Although I know the world will continue to survive and thrive no matter what we do to it – what I do not feel so hopeful about are the billions of people blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions and the things happening to them moment by moment.

There however is no real point in being consumed by such. No point in absorbing this enormous weight unless I am to do take personal responsibility to the power that I have been granted.

What good is a super power or knowledge if not applied?

Aaron Swartz internets own boy

Thus I ask myself ritualistically: what is the most important thing I can do today for myself and for all of humanity?

Day after day like Aaron, I try and do such. I work at it relentlessly and keep trying to muster up the will to push a bit further. Try harder – Work Smarter and DO MORE.

This self appointed position of being a world changer however is the toughest of all challenges, the highest of all mountains for mountains for me because of this one absolutely beautiful yet challenging fact: I’m not alone.
This is not a problem I can tackle alone. This is not a problem where I am in full control of all elements and this is a problem that in fact I need to wake YOU up to.

If I have learnt anything about problems it’s that they only can be extinguished by those who accept them as challenges.

You see I know the problem inside and out. I have studied more about the broad scope of these issues then I have anything else and for too long I have sat here quietly respecting the common persons decision of inaction all the while my blood boils inside.

To think that the problem is so big that its not worth facing is a cowards way of dealing with the enemy. It’s the moral equivalent of watching someone be raped in front of you and doing nothing about it. The difference is this systematic destruction of our planet is YOUR problem. It’s in your backyard we are ignoring it as if it’s no more than just some simple white noise.
Most cowards don’t even like to talk about it. They can’t bare to watch or listen and choose ignorance instead. However the bigger cowards and tragedy is not in those who are ignorant – but in those who are aware and do nothing at all. Those who know and shrug their shoulders and pass the blame off to society. We have all been this person on some issues at some point – including myself – but the truth seems to eat away at my core more than most.

My intolerance threshold is clearly not high and it’s time to do something about it.

Aaron Swartz internets own boy


It is thus out of this desperation that yet again my inspiration arises.
Thus I am quietly announcing 2 major challenges I will be undertaking over the next few years:

#1 – I will write a book, manifesto and practical guide to becoming a real life superhero.

This will be a long process and piece of work that will combine the best resources – information – documentaries – and expert advice from the most revolutionary people to have ever existed and be combined into what I think will drastically change peoples lives. This will be the script to a series of documentaries I will later produce.

#2 – Build a full 100+ Lesson school for heroes looking to step up their superpowers

At the exact same time as I write this book – I will also turn it into one of the world’s most powerful online education tools. This will cover all bases and be the fundamental basis of an entire online educational establishment and school known as Superhero Academy.

This will also be the blueprint to how I and others continue to create the Valhalla Movement as well as how we will revolutionize the housing market – how I continue to build a counter culture media production team to tackle the propaganda of the status quo and how I will build a world class educational school and effect change on a mass scale.

The goal is to impact 1 Billion people directly.

This project will be the fundamental basis of a 5 year plan and will continue to orchestrate as my next gift to humanity and to the continued prosperity of human consciousness within this fascinating universe.

What I ask of you is simple:
Ask yourself the same question Aaron Swartz and I share in common and get to doing it…


The time is now… tic toc tic toc…