You know what boils my blood? What makes me fucking angry and mad inside?

The self proclaimed “game changers” – “innovators” – and “trailblazers” that are found in the world disguised as coaches and entrepreneurs. 

Ya thats right – I really hate coaches and entrepreneurs – and yes I might even be talking to you or someone you know – and if I’m to be honest: myself.

Life is lived in the mirror. My anger towards this is nothing but a reflection of how I have seen it impact my decisions – but guess what… surely the same applies to you!

This is not to belittle your ideas or risks you’ve taken but to fess up to reality for those of you who need to hear it. So if you really want to know why I hate them despite having used the terms to describe myself  and you are up for some real talk for a second keep reading…


Please grant me permission to allow you into an internal dialogue I have with myself and ask you the same tough question and perhaps call you on some of your own bullshit?

Is what you are doing really leading to the ends you had in mind?

Are you truly on the path towards your legacy
or just some twisted version of your dreams you’ve come to accept as reality?

Are you sick and tired of playing small?

Tired of sales funnels – launches and programs that
are nothing but riding the same waves that people have been riding for years?

Are you not tired of pretending that you are living the life
when you are working constantly on your business
and losing out on the finer details of life?

Are you truthfully seizing those simple pleasures that make life worth living?

Are you really “changing the world” or being bold
or is that just some delusion you keep telling yourself?

Are you really being you?


Recently I feel like my world is changing,
but heck that has been my life since day 1.

The only consistency in my life is that I constantly ask myself whether or not what I’m doing on a day to day basis really is leading to the life I want to live (+ I watch fight club on the reg) – and well the truth is every once in a while my answer is a flat out NO. Some days, weeks or months or years I can dance by and pretend like its a yes but the truth never eludes those who seek it for long and only smacks those in the face who avoid it for longer.

In truth, life as an self employed entrepreneur for most is nothing but a roller coaster ride of crazy but like all roller coasters – they always only stay on the same track. No matter how much I achieve I feel like I am always coming back to the same spot.

You see I say this because I was on that track all the way until this very moment. I have doubled my salary for the last 4 years straight made more money than I could possibly need to truly be happy and feel just as broke and empty when it comes to my entrepreneurial career. This is nothing I’m truly proud of but it seems to be an accolade people care about so I have told it.


The truth is my “success” comes at a cost.

An opportunity cost that I do not want to forgo any longer. I have been chasing nothing but “opportunities” coming around the corner at all fucking times and its exhausting. It’s exhausting because I have not been calling them what they truly are.

Lewis Howes Quote Opportunities are Distractions in disguise

They are distractions. Down right shitty jobs – gigs – and ideas that I couldn’t care less about but for some reason do because “we need to pay the bills” or because I’m looking to help someone. The devil lies in this mentality. The mentality where we always need more to be satisfied. Where our ambition is endless and where even billionaires are still looking to make money despite never being able to spend it all if they even tried.

You know what the worst part is?

It’s our own fucking fault. Because we have spent our own time idolizing the game and pretend to be changing it when in fact we are just playing it. Whether you are #winning at it or not – and no matter how you measure it if you are playing it you are missing out. Missing out on the real life we have in the limited time here.


So what if we stopped playing?

What would happen though if we really where innovators – trailblazers and – game changers? What would it really look like if we dared to do something bold. What if we began to truly think 10x bigger or about issues beyond our wallets and bank accounts? What would it be like to solve a billion person problem you care about?


Real impact isn’t measured in numbers found on Google analytics or in Facebook likes but on the true depth of change you have the potential to create. The resounding noise that will echo throughout history – not just for 48 hours with your boosted ads and short term clicks – or by any one step on the hamster wheel we sometimes can call our careers.

Real impact transcends time – it knows no limit.

The affects are deeply rooted in the transcending nature that is the essence of the actions taken. The true intent of what we want to achieve is felt by others regardless of how good of a story or lie you keep telling yourself.

You see to me a real game changer or superhero doesn’t talk about how he or she is changing the game or even refer to themselves in that light but just does is it. Yes they tell stories and teach – inspire and motivate through those stories but they don’t use them for personal glory or just as a means to earn a living.

To be a force for change is a lot like the forces of nature. Don’t just be the surfer riding the waves frivolously – be the underlying currents and nature that makes the waves in the first place. Be the earthquake that causes the tsunami or the hurricane that floods the minds of those who need a wake up call.

Do you think Jesus walked around calling himself a miracle worker? (Regardless whether or not he ever did walk.) What about Gandhi or Mother Theresa did they spend lots of time advertising their good deeds? The stories that are told of these people are there because of the true impact that they inspired not just some numbers but some real shifts in peoples hearts and what they represent.

Don’t just talk – walk.
Don’t just preach – BE.


Still wondering why I hate my own kind at times?

Look don’t get me wrong storytellers (yes that’s the real job description of an entrepreneur) and their supporters (coaches) have and always will be the people who shift culture and change the world – but ONLY if they actually have the guts to live that change does it ever really have a real impact.

So here is why I hate to ever call myself a coach or entrepreneur despite having used the words to help explain to people what I do for years.

Because these titles have been ruined. They have been absolutely obliterated by the masses of life coaches and self help guides nobody ever even opens – and silly businesses that entrepreneurs have created like get rich quick schemes and a whole lot of absolute junk.

So fuck that shit – nobody gives a fuck about your new book you wrote if it was just to get a bestsellers title – or the big launch you had to line your bank accounts. That stuff is frivolous and that high is short lived like the high from a joint or a roller coaster but soon you will find yourself back in line. Waiting for the next ride when the true mountain tops of our own personal legacy lay beyond the queues at the amusement park.

tyler durden free to do anything fight club quote

If you are making your business the business of disruption – of creating movements and care about the depth of impact without caring about how many people are listening or watching, if you want your name etched in the history books and want to make this shift then I know the path and truth is so do you.

I’m dedicated to help.

I think the number one reason people fall short of taking on superhero caliber missions is because they focus on the belief of whether or not it’s possible – but the truth is this stops them from ever even trying.


The path is not one to be walked alone.

Like every great person in history they always had someone by their side. Someone to mentor them – guide them through the spiral that is reality and make sure to stay focused and accountable to the true essence of the task ahead. There is no Batman without Robin – no Batman without Alfred and no Batman without Bruce Wayne ditching his identity to do something truly bold.

So who am I truly and what is my real “job” or better yet my mission?

  • I am a storyteller who starts and propels movements.
  • I engineer Superheroes & turn entrepreneurship up a notch.
  • I disrupt the system and truly reinvent the game.
  • I live through the notion of sustainability and long term thinking first.
  • I realize that money is only a means to an end as a tool – not the end itself.
  • I am someone who is dedicated to impacting billions – but who knows such must first happen with myself.
  • I am someone who can keep you accountable and call out your bullshit and puts his money where his mouth is and who has a team of people who call me out on my own crap.
  • I am someone who realizes that by deeply impacting one person – I also am affecting many more.

I am if nothing else: BOLD.

Now imagine what we can do together…

I am willing to work with one Superhero for the next year to shatter through you’re inner bullshit and not just step up to another level but step out of the game entirely and play a new one. Someone to be seriously fucking bold. No rules – no specific coaching regiment or program – just you – me – becoming a strong WE and taking on an enormous challenge with a determination to this mission. If you are done with this shit like I am than why not be bold and come join this fight club…


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