The struggle for productivity
and staying focused is never ending.

Every day is something new – a new distraction from Reddit or Facebook, to someone with a question, a pile of emails, clients, or just general fatigue – we find ourselves not even being able to sit on the toilet without some kind of entertainment. (I know I’m not alone in this)

Let’s be real distractions aren’t hard to fall victim of – in fact if you’re reading this right now chances are you are distracted from what you were doing but trust me its worth 5 minutes.

This is especially important for an entrepreneur who works from home or doesn’t have many fixed deadlines on their goals.

If you want the noise to stop and be able to find a simple focus hack that will allow your productivity to skyrocket – then this post is for you!

I have tried everything – noise cancelling headphones – facebook time trackers – website blockers – programs that send me notifications or track my schedule –but sometimes it seems the more I try and stay focused the more I feel like doing anything but the task in front of me.

One day – on my aimless online shopping on Amazon – I was making a list of things that I had always wanted to buy. Never ending Newton swing balls? Check. A telescope? Add that to cart – an hour glass? Only the finest of people have an hour glass right?

The Collective Consensus Says: Confirmed.

So a few days later – I got the goods and opened them like a kid on christmas and as the hour glass was unveiled to me something struck me:

What if I used the hour glass to empower myself to do 1 single task –
nothing else and I mean NOTHING.

What’s an idea unless you put it into action and try it right?

The only thing in my life more consistent than my procrastination is my strive for a challenge.

Disconnected the Wi-Fi – turned the hour glass over and get down to business. Honestly one of the best idea’s I’ve ever had.
My productivity skyrocketed. I got the task done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me and then I just took the rest of the day off as a reward.

This idea was bigger than me. I started doing this on a regular basis – especially when editing and even introduced it to Valhalla for things like group cleaning and working.

I call it Power Hour and I absolutely guarantee you that it is worth a spin.

Here are some simple tips I have come up with to make it even more effective.


Use an hour glass – not an electronic

Empower an hour glass or time keeping object around you – that isn’t your smartphone or laptop as it will distract you and turn it into your secret weapon for focus.

Don’t ever measure how long it actually runs

I felt one of the most powerful elements of power hour using an hour glass for me is that I actually do not know how long the sands of time actually run and I don’t want to know. I mean sure I have a ballpark idea of how long it lasts but not an exact time and that allows me to not focus on the future time of when I will precisely be done but more so on the present moment and task at hand. Sometimes we need a little mystery in our lives.

Tell those around you in your work environment

A key for this to work is also that other distractions are set aside and that nobody bothers you – but unless they know about your productivity hack a coworker – significant other – or friend might break the trance. Just inform than of the sacredness of your power hour ritual and how they should only disturb the sands of time for serious or immediately important inquiries only.

Make your environment distraction free

As a quick note for a set up of a power hour – I think it makes a lot of sense to spend 5 minutes to just tidy up your desk or work environment from any distractions – if you have a calendar or agenda open – close it – papers lying around or a mess on your work station – get rid of it – turn the phone on silent or off and grab a glass of water or bathroom break before the magic flows.

Leave the Hour Glass out where you will encounter it frequently

Don’t hide the hour glass on a bookcase or shelf somewhere but leave it smack on your desk where you will encounter it regularly. The more you see it the more you will be reminded to set yourself up for a productivity boost.

Practice Daily and only take on one task as the goal

There is no better way to make this work for you than to practice power hours regularly. I personally do one every single day and focus on one task as to not let my brain scatter. It really does work and will form into a habit if you are able to do it for 30 days straight – so here’s my challenge for you: Try to do a “power hour” session every day for the next 30 days.



You can thank me by leaving me a comment and letting me know how it goes or by sharing this with a friend or coworker who could also use the productivity boost!

Anyways, I should visit the sands of time myself – enjoy your new found productivity.