Ever heard of Thunderclap.it?

Ya me neither – but I have to say their tool is pretty damn promising and I’m being sincere and serious about this. Essential Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking tool that can make your content go viral – and strangely enough nobody is talking about it!

Imagine a tool that allows you to get all your friends and supporters to share your content all at once across numerous platforms. Yup we call it crowdspeaking and that’s exactly what Thunderclap does.

thunderclap logo

It is so promising I almost don’t want to share it to let everyone in on the secret but that wouldn’t be true to our mission here at Superhero Academy to keep secrets from you!

No but seriously, check out their about video below.

This website really could be the tool that makes your content go viral – and relative to how amazing it is really nobody is talking about it.

Running a successful Thunderclap or Viral Marketing campaign is all about how you promote it.

Here are the three most important things to focus on:

Crafting a simple actionable message

The best and way to get a point across is through simplicity. Nice clear ideas – no nonsense or fluff straight to the point (oh and start with why). The simpler the better in many cases but if you want a message to spread also have a call to action. It’s one thing to tell someone to like and share – its another to give them a reason as to why they might consider doing such as well 🙂

Consistently promoting using all available channels

Just like practice makes perfect – in the online world consistency is key. The biggest channels – YouTubers – networks and websites all share content extremely consistently and that allows people to consume their content day after day and become regulars. To push something out once and hope that its going to fly around the web is much less likely than doing what you do week after week.

Building on your momentum

Once your message is beginning to spread – continue to build on your momentum. I even suggest that before a “big launch” that in fact you line up and sit on some extra content so you can create more buzz surrounding it. Consider it this way – when a story in the news begins to catch fire – the news networks will continue to feed viewers with more and more information or developments as if adding wood to a fire. Consider your marketing just like building a fire – you got to spend time not only throwing wood into the flames but also some time preparing by chopping it up with your axe too.

Getting the attention of some big (& relevant) players

There is nothing that makes a bigger splash than having an establish “big player” in the online world pick up your content and share it – but hoping that the right person will just stumble across it and share it is wishful thinking. If you really want people to consider sharing you will need to take the time to write to them and let them know. Be humble and ask politely if they would consider sharing and for what reason. At the end of the day the worst they can say is no but they might stay tune for more.

Also please don’t go spamming your content every time you do something to everyone (especially channels that are irrelevant to your content)  – there is nothing worse than being asked to spread everything and it will end with you being on a blocked list or just fully ignored.


Now for full disclosure when I first saw this video and stumbled across this website I absolutely flipped out and reach right out to its founder David to do a podcast and to help out. We at the Valhalla Agency are now hired to help them run their social media but are not being paid in any way to promote this.

Still don’t believe me? Check this out.

I have been in online marketing and content creation for quite a while and I think this tool is one of the best ideas out there on the internet and I know it has a lot of promise. In fact its tool has worked so well in the past it actually did make content like World Humanitarian Day go super viral thanks to Beyonce in part for reaching over 1 BILLION people.

world humanitarian day thunderclap

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