We mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives & influencers to discover or refine their unique gifts and talents, find their tribe of likehearted adventurers dedicated to their Hero’s Journey, the accountability they need to follow their bliss and the wisdom necessary to earn a living through their superpowers while having a ripple of impact on the world.

Why Superhero Academy?

  • Tribe

    A Community You Can Trust & Call Your Family

  • Accountability

    Stay Focused & Clear On Your Mission

  • Freedom

    Align Your Income & Your Impact

  • Experience

    Learn From Masters & Live The Adventure

Our Model Is Based On Bringing You The Practical Knowledge You Need To Start Implememting Now

We support hero’s like you at every stage of the journey to your mastery through the curation of the world’s most impactful teachers…


Hosted by Marc Angelo Coppola

The Superhero Academy Podcast is designed as a no filter real life conversation hosting passionate guests and comedic relief to the hero’s journey many of us are on.

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How To Create A Successful Video Podcast is a FREE class that shares the behind-the-scenes process of the Superhero Academy Podcast. We've been at this for eight seasons now – and we're ready to share how you can start your own show to create content on an affordable and effective budget. We're providing practical how-tos and our favorite tools for creating content that leaves an impact across all platforms, all with one show.

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