How the Minimum Viable Product Will Save Your Project From Your Creative ADD

The Need to Create

We all have a deep desire within us to create, but now, unlike any time before, we have access to myriad ways to freely express our creativity. As technology improves, we are seeing how simple it is to get our ideas and projects in front of the eyes of thousands very quickly. This is not only beneficial to entrepreneurs – we see artists, writers, and other change makers taking advantage of these resources everyday.

At the same time, so many possibilities has a tendency to paralyze people- how do they choose from so many options, and be certain they’re picking the right one?

How do you decide when what you’ve created is truly ready, either? Should you perfect every detail, or launch it as soon as possible?

The minimum viable product is the solution to each of these questions- a strategy for optimizing your early labors to not only create the best initial offering, but also require the least capital and time investments before seeing returns.


Simplifying Your Perfect Creation

The idea of the Minimum Viable Product has been adopted by business minds around the world, and has taken a particularly strong hold in Silicon Valley.

The idea spread rapidly with the release of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries in 2008 where he describes the minimum viable product as a…

“version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

In essence, the minimum viable product is the skeleton and core offering of your product. When you start a project you’re tasked with finding a problem to solve, or value you can create for a specific audience. Too often, when brainstorming for your project, that initial solution gets overblown- think of Tesla’s turbo boost feature in their new vehicle.

Tesla’s ultimate aim with their vehicles is to create high-performance electric vehicles, and the turbo boost is no doubt a tremendous mark of success. But they were able to shoot for the stars because of massive early investment and the luxury of being able to pay employees for years even without a single sale.

Most small businesses don’t have those luxuries, and thus to prove themselves as contenders in their market, and continue paying their hard working employees, partners, and investors, they must create a simpler solution, the MVP.

So assess your project- which of the features you’ve envisioned are essential to the project, to solving that initial problem or creating that key value? Those are what must be in your first release for it to be viable.

And when you look at your features and identify the excessive ‘turbo buttons’, remember that you aren’t forbidden from rolling those out- but by focusing on those too soon or too aggressively, you might never hit that first point where you can begin to actually make some money back from your investments by releasing your minimum viable product.


Your Perfect Product Will Prevent You From Ever Having a Product At All

It can be incredibly intimidating to start turning your vision into a tangible product or service. Once we start thinking five years in the future about the perfect product, the public shares and global reach, we lose sight of where to start here and now.

This farsighted thinking tends to lead to incredible projects that never get started. To achieve our dreams we must set smaller and shorter goals as a way to benchmark our progress and reward ourselves on the path to a successful business.

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you‘ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman, LinkedIN founder

Nothing truly groundbreaking was ever perfect in its first draft, and the most successful, thriving organizations today are based around iterated technology.

Look at the first computer, the ENIAC which filled a room the size of several large apartments and the first internet, Arpanet, which was exclusively for government use, and only really accessible by universities for the first several years of its existence.

Industry hasn’t deviated from this idea either. Apple released a new series of Ipods every year only until the Iphone had earned that spot of honor- and not only have do they consistently earn more revenue than many countries GDP, but they’re synonymous with innovative and high-quality production, even though they outshine their earlier products constantly.

Innovation is excellent- but pointless if you are so determined for perfection that you can never produce anything at all.  


Don’t Guess What Your Customer Wants- Ask Them

Your minimum viable product may not be a masterpiece, but if you’ve really solved a problem, or really created a value, the people who need it most will jump on the opportunity to work with it anyways.

You can see this most clearly with software and video game development in the form of beta-tests. Once developers feel like their product is functional- it can be played from start to finish, or provides a reasonable understanding of the ultimate final experience- they release it to their most interested supporters to try it out.

This is not only a great way to give something back to the early adopters of your MVP. By releasing an early product to a smaller group composed of your most interested audience, you can get incredibly insightful feedback on what they actually want in a finished product.

Suddenly your customers can tell you:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t work
  • What they would pay more to see in a future version
  • What other uses they’ve found for your product
  • What problems they still have after using your product

These insights are critical to creating a second iteration that will appeal strongly to a larger and potentially global audience. You can guess all day what people want, but only they can tell you for sure.


The KISS Principle

Whether you’re offering a service or a product, the sooner you can get it in the hands of an interested audience, the sooner you can begin to celebrate your success or adjust to your failures.

This doesn’t mean you have to have something to sell tomorrow. It just means you have to figure out the shortest path to getting something worth selling, and putting it out there for the world to respond to.

If you still find yourself struggling with this concept, it might be time for you to take a look at the process of documenting your progress and your ideas. This is a shortcut not just to building an audience, but being able to ask them directly what they are hoping for from your minimum viable product.

But let me do my best to cut to the quick of the issue- and remind you of something you may have been taught in school, but might have forgotten in your professional life.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. The KISS principle. Simple can often be synonymous with focused, direct, and elegant.

You don’t change the world with a Turbo Button- you change it with a quality product that solves a serious need.

The Slacker’s Guide to Get Your Shit Together

I should be upfront; I’m of the belief that nobody on this Earth is actually lazy, most people just have trouble getting their shit together. I don’t actually believe anyone is happier doing nothing rather than something. I think laziness is what happens when the tasks we’re told we have to do hold no value for us.

Why, the burgeoning young artist asks, am I being forced to memorize the dates that a bunch of old documents were signed into law? Why, the twenty-something year old data entry specialist asks, am I sitting here doing what a computer should be able to do instantaneously?

But how do you go about getting your shit together? How do you figure out what you’re meant to do, or what’s important to you, or what people will even pay you for?

1) Figure Out What You’d Do If You Already Had a Billion Dollars

Go make a list of all the things that you really like to do. Write down a list of every skill you have, every hobby you enjoy, every subject that interests you. Figure out what you’d do for a living if you already had a billion dollars.

If you need some ideas, go try something new. You wouldn’t be the first person to find their purpose in life by jumping out of a plane. Getting your shit together isn’t supposed to be rigorous and challenging- it should be the most fun you ever have.

2) Determine the Value You Can Bring Into the World

Go make a second list- brainstorm ways you could get people to pay you to do what you want to do. Blogging, speaking, selling, grants, commissions, teaching, starting businesses, getting ad revenue, whatever. Scrap ideas and find new ones. Shuffle them around. Get feedback. Ask other people who’ve gotten their shit together how the hell they did it.

You don’t always need to be selling a product or offering some essential service- anytime you create value for someone else, you have something they might be willing to compensate you for. Figure out ways to provide value to the people around you, and watch as they scramble to make sure your needs are met.

3) Burn the System Down and Build Your Own

Write down everything you’re already doing. If you’re in school, is that helping you accomplish anything off the first two lists? Why the hell not? If you’re close to the fancy piece of paper they call a degree, tough it out and get it, but remember, C’s earn degrees. Getting your shit together isn’t about mastering somebody else’s system- it’s about taking charge of what fires you up.

If you’re working an awful job, are they paying you what you’re worth? Try demanding a raise. If they fire you, you can always get another job that won’t pay you what you’re worth

4) Get Obsessed With What You Love

Start adjusting your life’s habits until they are in line with your goals. Go read some books. Go subscribe to our podcast. If you have a social media addiction, unfollow all the cat meme pages you follow and go like or follow a bunch of pages that post exclusively inspiring messages or content related to your passion. Fill your life with the thing or things you’re crazy about.

5) Get Loud About What You’re Doing

Talk about it. Drive your friends nuts. Embarrass your family. Make people unfriend you on Facebook. Make a generic-sounding page on Facebook and starting reposting all your research. Make a blog on Medium and write out all your thoughts. This is the art of documentation, and it is the number one way to build a presence, a tribe, or an audience.

Make sure everyone knows what you’re crazy about, because otherwise how are they going to help you get your shit together, and why are they going to think you’re worth helping if you aren’t helping yourself?

6) Become the Expert

By now, without even realizing it, you’ve become an expert in your passion- we might even say you’re getting your shit together, slightly. You should know more than anybody else who isn’t an expert in it, which means it’s time to start collecting other experts. Shoot unsolicited messages to pros in similar or the same field as what you want to be in. Reach Out. Start joining meet-up groups, online communities, or whatever else works for it. Or start your own.

Again, talk about it. Make people know you’re passionate, make them know you’re an expert, make them know you know what you’re talking about.
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7) Join the Experts

Now you’ve got a network, you’ve got knowledge, you’ve got ideas, and you’ve got a name. It’s time to get up and do something. If you still don’t know what that something is, that’s fine. Keep working on the first six steps. Go travel. Go learn something unrelated. Go move somewhere with more people who are crazy about the same thing you are.

If you do know what that thing is, then why are you looking to me? This is your life, get it together! You know what to do, so do it.

8) Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

This is the point for self-reflection; What do you need that you don’t have to move forward? How can you get it? If you need money, go get a job as close to your field as you can. Ask those experts and pros and friends from earlier what they recommend. Work with them, get experience, and build up skills. You’re stalling, sure, but that’s no reason to waste the time.

9) Put It All Into Action

Create value for other people through your passion and succeed. That’s all there is to it.

If you follow the first seven steps, work tirelessly, invent new ideas, and try different techniques eventually you’re going to have your life together. Notice I didn’t say you needed to get a college degree and work twelve internships while doing intramural sports and community service so that you could build a resume.

Nobody is paying you to have fancy pieces of paper. People are paying you for the value you’re generating, and you’re working for the value you get from the work, not the money anyways.

10) Do It Again, and Again…

Repeat Step One. Don’t quit just because you’ve succeeded and feel like your shit is together. Outsource the parts of the work in Step Nine that you don’t like to employees. Do only the parts that you’re the absolute best at.

Find a new passion, and work your ass off at that too. Never stagnate, never retire. If you always put something you value in front of you, you’ll never want to retire anyways. A lot of people want to escape because they think that’s how the game is played- they didn’t like the life they built. Stop playing the game, start winning your life.

If all of that was hard to follow, let me break it down for you. Find something you love, and let it consume you. Become an expert. Become friends with experts. Use your impressive knowledge and skills and network to create value for other people, and they’ll pay you whatever you ask. You’ll never go hungry, you’ll never be bored, and you’ll never be lazy or unsatisfied. It takes a hundred times more energy to work on something you don’t care about than to work on something you love.

So stop being a slacker, go do what you love, and get your shit together.


Can You Become an Everyday Superhero?

There’s almost nobody who isn’t asking themselves the same question nowadays- ‘What am I going to do with my life?’

And with such poor opportunities- careers with inflexible hours, unclimbable ladders, and wages that barely cover the rising costs of living- it’s not surprising that so many people are considering trying to become their own hero by becoming an entrepreneur.

And you’re probably wondering to yourself- ‘Am I ready to make my own path?’ or, ‘Should I just keep doing what everyone else thinks I should do, even though it isn’t my passion?’

There’s a lot of argument about what makes an entrepreneur, what bragging rights it entails, and who really should even pursue that most difficult and rewarding life.

Part of the reason for this heated discussion is, of course, that the common definition of an entrepreneur is fairly useless. Highlighting only two traits- that one start a business and take on personal financial risk- it says nothing of the culture, mindset, or characteristics that drive someone to take on risk for a cause.

This definition, simple as it is, doesn’t do much to identify the greatest candidates for entrepreneurship; those desperate to make something of themselves, or those passionate enough for change to take matters into their own hands- in short, everyday superheroes.

Instead, the definition puts the attention simply on those with business history and disposable income- people who are highly capable of success, to be sure, but not necessarily the people most likely to make the most amazing or necessary changes to society or life as we know it.

Not those primed to become the everyday superheroes that the world needs.

This means that angel investors, educators, and mentors often miss the mark when trying to figure out where best to dedicate the resources at their disposal.

You might not be a millennial yourself, but if you are asking yourself those questions above, you’re an honorary part of a generation faced with massive opportunity, and equally massive obstacles to meet.

Millennial Potential


Millennials have the opportunity to either fall as the lost generation, or rise as Everyday Superheroes.

There’s a lot of reason to believe that we are about to witness the rise of the greatest entrepreneurial generation ever seen.

There are more, and higher-level, degrees being awarded than ever before, and entrepreneurship education has finally extended beyond the niche into an entirely mainstream subject. And the education is not meaningless either- more self-employed individuals are launching their businesses directly after finishing their education than ever before.

But while the desire and knowledge to make a difference are thriving, the flawed definition of entrepreneurship and an outdated mindset of what it takes to be successful in the corporate world is limiting the perception of the revolution that’s underway, leaving many completely unaware of that they are capable of becoming their own everyday superheroes.

The millennial generation has all the tools and fire to become the greatest entrepreneurs, but the obstacles in their way are equally great. The infographic to the side by the Kauffman Foundation will help us get a quick idea of what those are.

Though it addresses the strengths of the current educational climate, it draws some harsh criticisms to the financial situation that those same highly-educated individuals are finding themselves in.

Far too many of these students are crippled with debt, have less experience in the workforce, or have found themselves underemployed in careers that do not suit their experience, skill level, or the costs of their livelihoods.

These issues are what cause many to fear that millennials will turn out to be not the greatest, but the lost entrepreneurial generation. The numbers don’t make that a difficult fear to realize- you need simply look at the 12% drop in young entrepreneurs in the last two decades.

But those frightening numbers do not have to be a sign of doom, but rather a call of urgency to the need for the rise of everyday superheroes.

When it was easy to work for the current most wealthy corporation and make an honest living, it’s no wonder so many people became complacent with that situation. But all that did was centralize corporate power and ultimately led to the sharp decline in business competition, workplace wages, and the shrinkage of the middle class.

We started to edit the rulebook to their terms for a fairly understandable reason- if we believe the only way to succeed is to thrive in their environment, then of course we’ll do whatever they ask. If they demand college degrees in our applications, we’ll get those degrees. If they demand we work longer hours- well that’s the cost of doing business. We lost our desire to become everyday superheroes, and embraced a complacency to getting by.

This seemed a mostly innocent transition at first; do what the boss says, and maybe one day we’ll get to be the boss. But as everyone since the ancient Egyptians will tell you- there’s only so much room at the top of the pyramid. Eventually, we helped them shape rules which shrunk that top further and further, and playing their game became a no win situation.

The solution to these growing problems is easier than many think. We do not need to rely on government intervention or taxation to take back upward mobility and jobs we can be proud of, we simply need to begin creating the jobs we wished we had and taking the right risks instead of the ones forced upon us.

The Elephant in the Chat Room

The new generation has grown up so closely with the lightning speed rate of the internet, they often overlook the significance and novelty of it altogether. The ability to learn a six-figure skill while wearing your pajamas in bed is completely new, and the fact that you can utilize that skill without ever taking off those pajamas is opening doors nobody would have dreamt of knocking on in the early 80s.

Take a look at how much money is spent on the internet in ten seconds in the infographic below.


400 thousand dollars every ten seconds is no paltry sum- and though the internet may not be a truly level playing field, it is exceptionally more approachable than the old boy’s club of business that has run the free market for most of capitalist history. Everyone who became a hero identified an opportunity and took it- and this is the biggest and most accessible opportunity that has ever presented itself to everyday people.

And not all of the new money is moving through e-commerce. The internet has opened doors for people to make money off taking selfies on Instagram or creating their own videos or games and uploading them to websites like Youtube or Newgrounds.

Superhero Academy itself thrives because of the opportunity afforded by the internet. Whereas a traditional four year business degree would typically cost 40 to 120 thousand dollars, we are able to offer a full year’s classes, networking opportunities, and so much more for less than what many people pay for a single semester.

When you live in an age where your value can be built off the amount of people who follow you rather than the amount of time you spend building an empire, your limitations become less of a box and more of an actual universe, full of possibilities for even teenagers to become millionaires from their dining room table.

This is what it means to be an everyday superhero: deciding that the passionate drive to excel within you is worth giving it’s best opportunity. Or realizing that the ideal world you believe in can be created if you take charge and build a tribe around tangible, sustainable efforts aimed in the right direction.

If you’re reading this article right now, I can guarantee you have every tool you need to reach an audience, build a network, and launch a business of your own. Part of having this power of unlimited information and networks means recognizing we have another option waiting for us, in fact one that doesn’t ever sleep.

Our biggest limitation is our willingness to take on the challenge.

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Cultivating a Take-Charge Attitude

There’s definitely hope, and that can be found less in the raw data of what young people are doing with their lives, and more in studying their attitudes.

“Millennials are realizing that starting a company, even if it crashes and burns, teaches them more in two years than sitting in a cubicle for 20 years,” Tuffile says. “While they know their chances of creating another Facebook are low, they do think it’s fairly easy to create a cool startup.”

millennials_at_work8Millennials will tell you themselves that they’re compelled by several key desires: the need for flexible work hours, the distaste for climbing an old corporate ladder, and an increasing desire to work remotely. These traits, though they could appear to signify a culture that’s lazy and irreverent, work excellently with the ‘always-on’ mentality of an over-connected culture. They will not happily give you eight hours in an office, but will instead give you regular work spread across the entirety of their waking hours. Even 37% report that they will always check a work e-mail, no matter the time.

At the end of 2014, a third of the workforce was made up of millennials- which means this new attitude is nothing to be trifled with. While college degrees are becoming more standard, and college debts are rising astronomically, the system is slowly being subverted by a cultural mindset which ignores the old rules almost entirely.

Do you hear the siren call of this new mindset? Does the idea of taking charge of your life, your career, and your impact on the world send your heart racing? You’re not alone- and it’s important to realize one more thing; There’s more opportunity at your fingertips right now than you could even imagine. You CAN become an everyday superhero.

Are You Ready To Make Something of the New World?

We started with the question of whether you were cut out for blazing your own path, and the goal of every fact above was to accomplish one simple feat:

We at Superhero Academy want to convince you that you are capable of becoming an everyday superhero.

The opportunity for you to thrive is sitting right in front of you, but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing once you realize what you’re capable of.

Many people come up with what they believe are great ideas and never make a dime. Everyday Superheroes that never see their potential fulfilled don’t know…

  • How to create an idea that provides real value to a population
  • How to build an audience around a valuable idea
  • How to rally a team capable of bringing an idea to life
  • How to craft a pitch that will turn an audience into customers
  • How to monetize creative content

We’re here to help. You can read on to discover how to Start a Project if you want to get a better idea of what you might want to accomplish.

But if you’ve read all of this, and somewhere in the back of your mind you already know what dreams you want to see lived out, maybe it’s time to step up to the plate.

Start by filling out your Impossible List and we’ll get you started on the right path.

The Importance of Conquering Your Fears

For many of us fear is something we deal with on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s a huge, impending threat (like death or tax time), or something relatively small. While fear itself is not necessarily a bad thing (in fact it is an important survival mechanism), the cumulative effects and repercussions can be enormous, and extremely destructive to ourselves and those around us.

With this in mind, learning to control and conquer our fears is an essential skill, we should all have, in order to lead richer, fuller lives.

For that reason, we’ve crafted a quick and easy challenge to help you identify, and conquer all your fears like a true Super hero. Take the challenge here!

Before you can really conquer your fears though, you need to know what you’re dealing with.

Fear is a feeling of distress that arises from a sense of an impending threat. What’s really interesting about this, is that the threat needn’t necessarily be a real, tangible danger. Indeed an indirect or imagined threat is often much more powerful and debilitating. A prime example of this phenomenon is in horror movies, where the suspense and the looming sense of danger is often much more terrifying than the confrontation itself. Real or imagined though, the phenomenon is in fact an important evolutionary survival mechanism, which serves to protect us from harm. In the presence of fear, our adrenal glands kick into overdrive, flooding our system with adrenaline, stimulating our blood and oxygen flow, which heightens our physical functions of strength and speed, and dilates our pupils, enhancing our ability to see, detect and therefore avoid danger. While this Conquering Your Fearsis without doubt an amazing and remarkable function, it is not without it’s drawbacks.

In the modern world we live in, where mankind has taken dominion over most of the planet, this acute system of ours, honed over millennia, is no longer as imperative to our survival as it once was, and adverse effects are a natural by-product when not dealt with appropriately.

Today the vast majority of the fear we struggle to conquer is of a non-physical nature; fear of failure, humiliation, public speaking, etc, and without a direct threat to respond to, or an appropriate outlet, this fear and the physiological effects it brings, result in impaired mental capacity, and reduced logical and rational information processing. When therefore, fear begins to drive our thoughts and actions, our reactionary ability is compromised and we often find ourselves scrambling to protect our illusions of security and safety, thereby inhibiting ourselves from ever really learning from the experience, growing as people and blocking our ability to reach a place of courage, joy, peace or acceptance.

The implications of fear left unconquered are far reaching and incredibly damaging. Because fear is to us a position of vulnerability, our tendency is to turn this fear into anger – a much more powerful and less vulnerable emotion.

Given that our minds are the Captains of our vessels and the interactions we have with the world, the presence of fear can be a poisonous influence.

Physiologically speaking, it threatens to weaken our immune system, cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems (ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, decreased fertility, etc), impair brain functions (particularly causing damage to the hippocampus), and our ability to regulate emotion; making us more susceptible to react to future stimuli with fear or anger and ultimately can lead to clinical depression, accelerated ageing, and even premature death.

It’s clear then how damaging the influence of fear can be, therefore it’s all the more important to realize that you can never truly run from your fear. You can keep on running, but sooner or later, you will find yourself backed into a corner. Therefore, one of the most valuable skills for both our mental and physical health that we can teach ourselves and others is how to control, and conquer your fears.

The truth is, there is no “easy way”, or side-stepping this process; the way to conquering fear is to tackle them head on, not to run around them. Start small and progressively shatter your limits. With each little victory, you will gain the courage to tackle the next, and will find yourself empowered in the process.

With this in mind, we’ve created a five step process to help you master your fear, and push your own limits, through much trial and error. Check it out.

Identify your fear

Make sure you’ve identified the true root cause – the dirty, brutal, uncomfortable truth; acknowledge and accept it. By doing so, it will begin to lose it’s power. Mental game is half the battle.


Visualise yourself overcoming that fear in a real-time scenario, make it as vivid as possible in the details as possible. Break it down step by step. Repeat regularly and it will start to feel normal, or at least more comfortable.


Quick, shallow breathing is often a catalyst of anxiety, and other symptoms often follow. If you can control your breathing, you can keep your mind focused and in control which will lend you great strength as you try to conquer your fear.
Breathe in through your nose, and out through the mouth. Exhale for roughly twice the amount of time as the inhale. This is a proven method to lower your heart rate.


Find someone to join you in the journey and help you along the way. Having someone beside you takes the onus off just your own shoulders, and provides the extra push to get it done. This is universally applicable, whether you want to hit the gym more, conquer fears, or anything that takes some pattern-forming.


It’s time – you’re ready. Stay focused, stay calm and go. You’ve got this!!

To wrap this up, remember, fear in itself is just an elegant survival mechanism that we ourselves can master. By conquering your fears and pushing your own limits, you will empower yourself for a richer life.

If you’re struggling to conquer your fears, or you could use another hand, check out the Dream of Flight Challenge! for that extra little push, and to help you on the way!!

Are you ready to take flight?

How to Grow Your Inner Super-Hero

Since we were little we have always been fascinated by Super Heroes as we cheered for them in their constant battles against Super Villains. The thing is that, inside you, the same constant battle is taking place every day… There is a Super Hero and a Super Villain inside each one of us … but …  who is winning?

Continue reading “How to Grow Your Inner Super-Hero”

Becoming a Superhero Engineer – Extra Paycheck Podcast Appearance

I love podcasts.

Recording them – featuring in them and most importantly – inspiring others through them.

Lately I was featured on the Extra Paycheck Podcast and I share some elements of my story and things I have been working on that I seldomly share with others.

You can listen to it here by visiting their site here.

Ragetivation – The Fuel to My Fire

Recently I watched “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” and although I already knew the story I was brought to absolute tears…

Yes I sat here sobbing.

Crying like a baby at just how fucked up we are and the irony of how unjust our justice is drives me absolutely insane.

Tears of utter despair and sadness running down my face for the true grievances that I have not only for Aaron’s unfair prosecution and character assassination attempt but for the true freedom of the world and the information within it.

I am constantly at war with the current system and if I know anything about the universe that also means myself…

The paradigm of fake money – corporate corruption and special interest domination on the world as we know it. Every single day our world is barreling forward towards a giant brick wall. Environmental degradation – climate change – financial slavery – poisoned food water and “medicine” – and a world where censorship and spying is becoming more and more prevalent and it sickens me.

It has depressed my ability to have fun at times. Dispirited my relationship with enjoying the little things as well as those around me. Dejected my ability to take things lightly or to feel like this world needs a superhero and that it doesn’t need to be me…

Why me? Why do I have to feel this way?

As I do every week I watch yet another documentary and constantly subject myself to the feeling the enormous magnitude of the weight of the world and how small I am compared to the huge problems we face and yet I fight EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I fight for what is right in this world – I fight for Freedom Culture in all shapes and sizes – for all people and beings that have and ever will exist to have the freedom to explore their curiosity. A freedom to express themselves and to be heard all the while figuring out more and more about the absolutely fascinating universe we live in.

Today however is a special kind of angry. A special kind of PISSED OFF and a special kind of callout to all those who dare to read – but most importantly myself.

I’ve termed it Ragetivation…

ragetivation definition

Every day I live with a philosophy that drives me absolutely wild but motivates me beyond all measure. The motivation that comes with solving the world’s biggest problems. Facing the biggest villains this world has destroying its very fabric systematically. I step in front of the information super highway that is this realm and allow the light and truth to guide me in a fight between good and evil.

Although I know the world will continue to survive and thrive no matter what we do to it – what I do not feel so hopeful about are the billions of people blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions and the things happening to them moment by moment.

There however is no real point in being consumed by such. No point in absorbing this enormous weight unless I am to do take personal responsibility to the power that I have been granted.

What good is a super power or knowledge if not applied?

Aaron Swartz internets own boy

Thus I ask myself ritualistically: what is the most important thing I can do today for myself and for all of humanity?

Day after day like Aaron, I try and do such. I work at it relentlessly and keep trying to muster up the will to push a bit further. Try harder – Work Smarter and DO MORE.

This self appointed position of being a world changer however is the toughest of all challenges, the highest of all mountains for mountains for me because of this one absolutely beautiful yet challenging fact: I’m not alone.
This is not a problem I can tackle alone. This is not a problem where I am in full control of all elements and this is a problem that in fact I need to wake YOU up to.

If I have learnt anything about problems it’s that they only can be extinguished by those who accept them as challenges.

You see I know the problem inside and out. I have studied more about the broad scope of these issues then I have anything else and for too long I have sat here quietly respecting the common persons decision of inaction all the while my blood boils inside.

To think that the problem is so big that its not worth facing is a cowards way of dealing with the enemy. It’s the moral equivalent of watching someone be raped in front of you and doing nothing about it. The difference is this systematic destruction of our planet is YOUR problem. It’s in your backyard we are ignoring it as if it’s no more than just some simple white noise.
Most cowards don’t even like to talk about it. They can’t bare to watch or listen and choose ignorance instead. However the bigger cowards and tragedy is not in those who are ignorant – but in those who are aware and do nothing at all. Those who know and shrug their shoulders and pass the blame off to society. We have all been this person on some issues at some point – including myself – but the truth seems to eat away at my core more than most.

My intolerance threshold is clearly not high and it’s time to do something about it.

Aaron Swartz internets own boy


It is thus out of this desperation that yet again my inspiration arises.
Thus I am quietly announcing 2 major challenges I will be undertaking over the next few years:

#1 – I will write a book, manifesto and practical guide to becoming a real life superhero.

This will be a long process and piece of work that will combine the best resources – information – documentaries – and expert advice from the most revolutionary people to have ever existed and be combined into what I think will drastically change peoples lives. This will be the script to a series of documentaries I will later produce.

#2 – Build a full 100+ Lesson school for heroes looking to step up their superpowers

At the exact same time as I write this book – I will also turn it into one of the world’s most powerful online education tools. This will cover all bases and be the fundamental basis of an entire online educational establishment and school known as Superhero Academy.

This will also be the blueprint to how I and others continue to create the Valhalla Movement as well as how we will revolutionize the housing market – how I continue to build a counter culture media production team to tackle the propaganda of the status quo and how I will build a world class educational school and effect change on a mass scale.

The goal is to impact 1 Billion people directly.

This project will be the fundamental basis of a 5 year plan and will continue to orchestrate as my next gift to humanity and to the continued prosperity of human consciousness within this fascinating universe.

What I ask of you is simple:
Ask yourself the same question Aaron Swartz and I share in common and get to doing it…


The time is now… tic toc tic toc…

I Really Hate Coaches & Entrepreneurs Sometimes – Here’s Why

You know what boils my blood? What makes me fucking angry and mad inside?

The self proclaimed “game changers” – “innovators” – and “trailblazers” that are found in the world disguised as coaches and entrepreneurs. 

Ya thats right – I really hate coaches and entrepreneurs – and yes I might even be talking to you or someone you know – and if I’m to be honest: myself.

Life is lived in the mirror. My anger towards this is nothing but a reflection of how I have seen it impact my decisions – but guess what… surely the same applies to you!

This is not to belittle your ideas or risks you’ve taken but to fess up to reality for those of you who need to hear it. So if you really want to know why I hate them despite having used the terms to describe myself  and you are up for some real talk for a second keep reading…


Please grant me permission to allow you into an internal dialogue I have with myself and ask you the same tough question and perhaps call you on some of your own bullshit?

Is what you are doing really leading to the ends you had in mind?

Are you truly on the path towards your legacy
or just some twisted version of your dreams you’ve come to accept as reality?

Are you sick and tired of playing small?

Tired of sales funnels – launches and programs that
are nothing but riding the same waves that people have been riding for years?

Are you not tired of pretending that you are living the life
when you are working constantly on your business
and losing out on the finer details of life?

Are you truthfully seizing those simple pleasures that make life worth living?

Are you really “changing the world” or being bold
or is that just some delusion you keep telling yourself?

Are you really being you?


Recently I feel like my world is changing,
but heck that has been my life since day 1.

The only consistency in my life is that I constantly ask myself whether or not what I’m doing on a day to day basis really is leading to the life I want to live (+ I watch fight club on the reg) – and well the truth is every once in a while my answer is a flat out NO. Some days, weeks or months or years I can dance by and pretend like its a yes but the truth never eludes those who seek it for long and only smacks those in the face who avoid it for longer.

In truth, life as an self employed entrepreneur for most is nothing but a roller coaster ride of crazy but like all roller coasters – they always only stay on the same track. No matter how much I achieve I feel like I am always coming back to the same spot.

You see I say this because I was on that track all the way until this very moment. I have doubled my salary for the last 4 years straight made more money than I could possibly need to truly be happy and feel just as broke and empty when it comes to my entrepreneurial career. This is nothing I’m truly proud of but it seems to be an accolade people care about so I have told it.


The truth is my “success” comes at a cost.

An opportunity cost that I do not want to forgo any longer. I have been chasing nothing but “opportunities” coming around the corner at all fucking times and its exhausting. It’s exhausting because I have not been calling them what they truly are.

Lewis Howes Quote Opportunities are Distractions in disguise

They are distractions. Down right shitty jobs – gigs – and ideas that I couldn’t care less about but for some reason do because “we need to pay the bills” or because I’m looking to help someone. The devil lies in this mentality. The mentality where we always need more to be satisfied. Where our ambition is endless and where even billionaires are still looking to make money despite never being able to spend it all if they even tried.

You know what the worst part is?

It’s our own fucking fault. Because we have spent our own time idolizing the game and pretend to be changing it when in fact we are just playing it. Whether you are #winning at it or not – and no matter how you measure it if you are playing it you are missing out. Missing out on the real life we have in the limited time here.


So what if we stopped playing?

What would happen though if we really where innovators – trailblazers and – game changers? What would it really look like if we dared to do something bold. What if we began to truly think 10x bigger or about issues beyond our wallets and bank accounts? What would it be like to solve a billion person problem you care about?


Real impact isn’t measured in numbers found on Google analytics or in Facebook likes but on the true depth of change you have the potential to create. The resounding noise that will echo throughout history – not just for 48 hours with your boosted ads and short term clicks – or by any one step on the hamster wheel we sometimes can call our careers.

Real impact transcends time – it knows no limit.

The affects are deeply rooted in the transcending nature that is the essence of the actions taken. The true intent of what we want to achieve is felt by others regardless of how good of a story or lie you keep telling yourself.

You see to me a real game changer or superhero doesn’t talk about how he or she is changing the game or even refer to themselves in that light but just does is it. Yes they tell stories and teach – inspire and motivate through those stories but they don’t use them for personal glory or just as a means to earn a living.

To be a force for change is a lot like the forces of nature. Don’t just be the surfer riding the waves frivolously – be the underlying currents and nature that makes the waves in the first place. Be the earthquake that causes the tsunami or the hurricane that floods the minds of those who need a wake up call.

Do you think Jesus walked around calling himself a miracle worker? (Regardless whether or not he ever did walk.) What about Gandhi or Mother Theresa did they spend lots of time advertising their good deeds? The stories that are told of these people are there because of the true impact that they inspired not just some numbers but some real shifts in peoples hearts and what they represent.

Don’t just talk – walk.
Don’t just preach – BE.


Still wondering why I hate my own kind at times?

Look don’t get me wrong storytellers (yes that’s the real job description of an entrepreneur) and their supporters (coaches) have and always will be the people who shift culture and change the world – but ONLY if they actually have the guts to live that change does it ever really have a real impact.

So here is why I hate to ever call myself a coach or entrepreneur despite having used the words to help explain to people what I do for years.

Because these titles have been ruined. They have been absolutely obliterated by the masses of life coaches and self help guides nobody ever even opens – and silly businesses that entrepreneurs have created like get rich quick schemes and a whole lot of absolute junk.

So fuck that shit – nobody gives a fuck about your new book you wrote if it was just to get a bestsellers title – or the big launch you had to line your bank accounts. That stuff is frivolous and that high is short lived like the high from a joint or a roller coaster but soon you will find yourself back in line. Waiting for the next ride when the true mountain tops of our own personal legacy lay beyond the queues at the amusement park.

tyler durden free to do anything fight club quote

If you are making your business the business of disruption – of creating movements and care about the depth of impact without caring about how many people are listening or watching, if you want your name etched in the history books and want to make this shift then I know the path and truth is so do you.

I’m dedicated to help.

I think the number one reason people fall short of taking on superhero caliber missions is because they focus on the belief of whether or not it’s possible – but the truth is this stops them from ever even trying.


The path is not one to be walked alone.

Like every great person in history they always had someone by their side. Someone to mentor them – guide them through the spiral that is reality and make sure to stay focused and accountable to the true essence of the task ahead. There is no Batman without Robin – no Batman without Alfred and no Batman without Bruce Wayne ditching his identity to do something truly bold.

So who am I truly and what is my real “job” or better yet my mission?

  • I am a storyteller who starts and propels movements.
  • I engineer Superheroes & turn entrepreneurship up a notch.
  • I disrupt the system and truly reinvent the game.
  • I live through the notion of sustainability and long term thinking first.
  • I realize that money is only a means to an end as a tool – not the end itself.
  • I am someone who is dedicated to impacting billions – but who knows such must first happen with myself.
  • I am someone who can keep you accountable and call out your bullshit and puts his money where his mouth is and who has a team of people who call me out on my own crap.
  • I am someone who realizes that by deeply impacting one person – I also am affecting many more.

I am if nothing else: BOLD.

Now imagine what we can do together…

I am willing to work with one Superhero for the next year to shatter through you’re inner bullshit and not just step up to another level but step out of the game entirely and play a new one. Someone to be seriously fucking bold. No rules – no specific coaching regiment or program – just you – me – becoming a strong WE and taking on an enormous challenge with a determination to this mission. If you are done with this shit like I am than why not be bold and come join this fight club…


Prove It & Apply For That Spot Now
Serious inquiries only.


Unsure? Accept The Challenge

Superhero Persona & Sharing My Story With

If there is anyone who’s consistency is envious its John Lee Dumas from

His daily podcast releases and automated systems are so incredibly well thought out that he has built a massive following known as Fire Nation as well as a whole lot of passive income (close to $250,000 a month at this point).

If there is any model for how I want Superhero Academy podcast to be run it’s this way but as I build this up – this time it was my turn to be a guest of a podcast!

We discuss:

My Worst Entrepreneur moment

  • If you want to talk about failure, listen to this brutal turn of events. YIKES!

Entrepreneur AH-HA Moment

  • Business is about relationships, and creating value for – and THRU – those relationships.

Small Business Resource

  • Calendly: Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It’s 100% free, super easy to use and you’ll love our customer service.

Best Business Book

  • Bold by Peter H. Diamandis

Couldn’t be more excited to share this episode with you and let you guys know…

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