Slacker's Guide to Getting Your Life Together

The Slacker’s Guide to Get Your Shit Together

I should be upfront; I’m of the belief that nobody on this Earth is actually lazy, most people just have trouble getting their shit together. I don’t actually believe anyone is happier doing nothing rather than something. I think laziness is what happens when the tasks we’re told we have to do hold no value […]

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Can You Become an Everyday Superhero?

There’s almost nobody who isn’t asking themselves the same question nowadays- ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ And with such poor opportunities- careers with inflexible hours, unclimbable ladders, and wages that barely cover the rising costs of living- it’s not surprising that so many people are considering trying to become their own […]

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The Importance of Conquering Your Fears

For many of us fear is something we deal with on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s a huge, impending threat (like death or tax time), or something relatively small. While fear itself is not necessarily a bad thing (in fact it is an important survival mechanism), the cumulative effects and repercussions can be enormous, and […]

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How to Grow Your Inner Super-Hero

Since we were little we have always been fascinated by Super Heroes as we cheered for them in their constant battles against Super Villains. The thing is that, inside you, the same constant battle is taking place every day… There is a Super Hero and a Super Villain inside each one of us … but […]

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Becoming a Superhero Engineer – Extra Paycheck Podcast Appearance

I love podcasts. Recording them – featuring in them and most importantly – inspiring others through them. Lately I was featured on the Extra Paycheck Podcast and I share some elements of my story and things I have been working on that I seldomly share with others. You can listen to it here by visiting […]

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ragetivation definition

Ragetivation – The Fuel to My Fire

Recently I watched “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” and although I already knew the story I was brought to absolute tears… Yes I sat here sobbing. Crying like a baby at just how fucked up we are and the irony of how unjust our justice is drives me absolutely insane. Tears […]

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I Really Hate Coaches & Entrepreneurs Sometimes – Here’s Why

You know what boils my blood? What makes me fucking angry and mad inside? The self proclaimed “game changers” – “innovators” – and “trailblazers” that are found in the world disguised as coaches and entrepreneurs.  Ya thats right – I really hate coaches and entrepreneurs – and yes I might even be talking to you or […]

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Superhero Persona & Sharing My Story With

If there is anyone who’s consistency is envious its John Lee Dumas from His daily podcast releases and automated systems are so incredibly well thought out that he has built a massive following known as Fire Nation as well as a whole lot of passive income (close to $250,000 a month at this point). […]

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