Your Idol Has Used This Trick To Become Successful

If I were to tell you a simple trick that would jump-start your dream career, connect you with your heroes and save you time & money  from failures… would you take the advice?

This trick has been well known for thousands of years. Chances are the people you look up to have and still use it.

So what is this trick they are doing?

Finding Mentors

This is someone who has been where you currently are but has achieved the life you want to live. They have walked the path to success. Almost all are willing to show you how to do the same and, most importantly, the mistakes not to make! Like many of them, they have used mentors on their own journey and are honored to help with yours.

An important point to make is that these mentors do not always have to help you through one-on-one sessions. I consider Tim Ferriss a mentor of mine but I have never met the guy. How? Because he has published over 100 articles, written 4 books, and interviewed extraordinary people on his podcast. This gives me a look into the mind of someone who I admire while providing me tons of value and advice to follow.

warren buffet

How To Connect With A Mentor?

There are a thousand ways to reach out and learn from these successful individuals but here are a few of my personal favorites.

  • The easiest and quickest way, is to start reading books by these individuals. Pick up Foundr’s most recent project for advice from some of the top thought leaders and entrepreneurs in their industry.
  • Search for these individual’s website as many have webinars, podcasts, or even free courses like we provide at Superhero Academy.
  • Simply reach out to them via email. Hidden in the depths of Google you can most likely find anyone’s email address but be sure to put a lot of thought into your message. Sorry, “Will you teach me to be like you?” isn’t going to cut it kid.
  • HIRE ONE… Want someone to truly keep you accountable and provide their time and energy to your project? It might be necessary to considering hiring a mentor. But hey, the best investment is an investment in yourself.

Like I said above, the opportunities are endless but the more creative you are with approaching these rockstars the more likely they will be to reply…

Tim Ferriss’s first assistant sent him an email with three things he could do to improve his website and had already done the first. He offered to work FOR FREE on the last two and if Tim was satisfied they would talk about a paid position. How could Ferriss turn down someone who was offering to help for free, but more importantly showed the dedication by already providing his value without Ferriss guiding him. Needless to say…

He got the job.

What To Expect…

There are different degrees of how involved a mentor might be in your journey.

  • With a book you are deriving value alone and putting it into action for your individual journey.
  • An exchange deal, like the one with Tim Ferriss above, gives you the opportunity to work side by side with your mentor to see how they operate their business. Occasionally slipping in the hint for advice every now and again!
  • The third way is for the mentor (or coach in this instance) to put energy and focus into helping you create your own project. This is usually done by weekly calls and has a price.

Recently, I took a risk by investing to go to Montreal and work with the founder of Superhero Academy and Valhalla Movement. Not many people were willing to invest in their education as I was and prove their work ethic. It paid off, now I am working with people I have looked up to for years (consider many good friends), have the ability to work from anywhere, and involved with projects I feel are truly making a positive impact on the world.


Time To Start Searching

So now what?

First, pick up a copy of Foundr’s new book to get a great mix of advice from game-changers.

Make a list of people you aspire to be like and are in the place you want to be. This can be financially, spiritually, physically, you name it. Send out emails to these people while remembering to be creative and show you can add value to their business or life as well. It can be in the form or free work or simply paying for hourly coaching calls.

Start taking risks on your dream and keep up to date with Superhero Academy for more advice on how to better the world through entrepreneurship. Consider joining us in Costa Rica or Montreal for an intense month or week of work on your dreams.

I Really Hate Coaches & Entrepreneurs Sometimes – Here’s Why

You know what boils my blood? What makes me fucking angry and mad inside?

The self proclaimed “game changers” – “innovators” – and “trailblazers” that are found in the world disguised as coaches and entrepreneurs. 

Ya thats right – I really hate coaches and entrepreneurs – and yes I might even be talking to you or someone you know – and if I’m to be honest: myself.

Life is lived in the mirror. My anger towards this is nothing but a reflection of how I have seen it impact my decisions – but guess what… surely the same applies to you!

This is not to belittle your ideas or risks you’ve taken but to fess up to reality for those of you who need to hear it. So if you really want to know why I hate them despite having used the terms to describe myself  and you are up for some real talk for a second keep reading…


Please grant me permission to allow you into an internal dialogue I have with myself and ask you the same tough question and perhaps call you on some of your own bullshit?

Is what you are doing really leading to the ends you had in mind?

Are you truly on the path towards your legacy
or just some twisted version of your dreams you’ve come to accept as reality?

Are you sick and tired of playing small?

Tired of sales funnels – launches and programs that
are nothing but riding the same waves that people have been riding for years?

Are you not tired of pretending that you are living the life
when you are working constantly on your business
and losing out on the finer details of life?

Are you truthfully seizing those simple pleasures that make life worth living?

Are you really “changing the world” or being bold
or is that just some delusion you keep telling yourself?

Are you really being you?


Recently I feel like my world is changing,
but heck that has been my life since day 1.

The only consistency in my life is that I constantly ask myself whether or not what I’m doing on a day to day basis really is leading to the life I want to live (+ I watch fight club on the reg) – and well the truth is every once in a while my answer is a flat out NO. Some days, weeks or months or years I can dance by and pretend like its a yes but the truth never eludes those who seek it for long and only smacks those in the face who avoid it for longer.

In truth, life as an self employed entrepreneur for most is nothing but a roller coaster ride of crazy but like all roller coasters – they always only stay on the same track. No matter how much I achieve I feel like I am always coming back to the same spot.

You see I say this because I was on that track all the way until this very moment. I have doubled my salary for the last 4 years straight made more money than I could possibly need to truly be happy and feel just as broke and empty when it comes to my entrepreneurial career. This is nothing I’m truly proud of but it seems to be an accolade people care about so I have told it.


The truth is my “success” comes at a cost.

An opportunity cost that I do not want to forgo any longer. I have been chasing nothing but “opportunities” coming around the corner at all fucking times and its exhausting. It’s exhausting because I have not been calling them what they truly are.

Lewis Howes Quote Opportunities are Distractions in disguise

They are distractions. Down right shitty jobs – gigs – and ideas that I couldn’t care less about but for some reason do because “we need to pay the bills” or because I’m looking to help someone. The devil lies in this mentality. The mentality where we always need more to be satisfied. Where our ambition is endless and where even billionaires are still looking to make money despite never being able to spend it all if they even tried.

You know what the worst part is?

It’s our own fucking fault. Because we have spent our own time idolizing the game and pretend to be changing it when in fact we are just playing it. Whether you are #winning at it or not – and no matter how you measure it if you are playing it you are missing out. Missing out on the real life we have in the limited time here.


So what if we stopped playing?

What would happen though if we really where innovators – trailblazers and – game changers? What would it really look like if we dared to do something bold. What if we began to truly think 10x bigger or about issues beyond our wallets and bank accounts? What would it be like to solve a billion person problem you care about?


Real impact isn’t measured in numbers found on Google analytics or in Facebook likes but on the true depth of change you have the potential to create. The resounding noise that will echo throughout history – not just for 48 hours with your boosted ads and short term clicks – or by any one step on the hamster wheel we sometimes can call our careers.

Real impact transcends time – it knows no limit.

The affects are deeply rooted in the transcending nature that is the essence of the actions taken. The true intent of what we want to achieve is felt by others regardless of how good of a story or lie you keep telling yourself.

You see to me a real game changer or superhero doesn’t talk about how he or she is changing the game or even refer to themselves in that light but just does is it. Yes they tell stories and teach – inspire and motivate through those stories but they don’t use them for personal glory or just as a means to earn a living.

To be a force for change is a lot like the forces of nature. Don’t just be the surfer riding the waves frivolously – be the underlying currents and nature that makes the waves in the first place. Be the earthquake that causes the tsunami or the hurricane that floods the minds of those who need a wake up call.

Do you think Jesus walked around calling himself a miracle worker? (Regardless whether or not he ever did walk.) What about Gandhi or Mother Theresa did they spend lots of time advertising their good deeds? The stories that are told of these people are there because of the true impact that they inspired not just some numbers but some real shifts in peoples hearts and what they represent.

Don’t just talk – walk.
Don’t just preach – BE.


Still wondering why I hate my own kind at times?

Look don’t get me wrong storytellers (yes that’s the real job description of an entrepreneur) and their supporters (coaches) have and always will be the people who shift culture and change the world – but ONLY if they actually have the guts to live that change does it ever really have a real impact.

So here is why I hate to ever call myself a coach or entrepreneur despite having used the words to help explain to people what I do for years.

Because these titles have been ruined. They have been absolutely obliterated by the masses of life coaches and self help guides nobody ever even opens – and silly businesses that entrepreneurs have created like get rich quick schemes and a whole lot of absolute junk.

So fuck that shit – nobody gives a fuck about your new book you wrote if it was just to get a bestsellers title – or the big launch you had to line your bank accounts. That stuff is frivolous and that high is short lived like the high from a joint or a roller coaster but soon you will find yourself back in line. Waiting for the next ride when the true mountain tops of our own personal legacy lay beyond the queues at the amusement park.

tyler durden free to do anything fight club quote

If you are making your business the business of disruption – of creating movements and care about the depth of impact without caring about how many people are listening or watching, if you want your name etched in the history books and want to make this shift then I know the path and truth is so do you.

I’m dedicated to help.

I think the number one reason people fall short of taking on superhero caliber missions is because they focus on the belief of whether or not it’s possible – but the truth is this stops them from ever even trying.


The path is not one to be walked alone.

Like every great person in history they always had someone by their side. Someone to mentor them – guide them through the spiral that is reality and make sure to stay focused and accountable to the true essence of the task ahead. There is no Batman without Robin – no Batman without Alfred and no Batman without Bruce Wayne ditching his identity to do something truly bold.

So who am I truly and what is my real “job” or better yet my mission?

  • I am a storyteller who starts and propels movements.
  • I engineer Superheroes & turn entrepreneurship up a notch.
  • I disrupt the system and truly reinvent the game.
  • I live through the notion of sustainability and long term thinking first.
  • I realize that money is only a means to an end as a tool – not the end itself.
  • I am someone who is dedicated to impacting billions – but who knows such must first happen with myself.
  • I am someone who can keep you accountable and call out your bullshit and puts his money where his mouth is and who has a team of people who call me out on my own crap.
  • I am someone who realizes that by deeply impacting one person – I also am affecting many more.

I am if nothing else: BOLD.

Now imagine what we can do together…

I am willing to work with one Superhero for the next year to shatter through you’re inner bullshit and not just step up to another level but step out of the game entirely and play a new one. Someone to be seriously fucking bold. No rules – no specific coaching regiment or program – just you – me – becoming a strong WE and taking on an enormous challenge with a determination to this mission. If you are done with this shit like I am than why not be bold and come join this fight club…


Prove It & Apply For That Spot Now
Serious inquiries only.


Unsure? Accept The Challenge

Forget Marketing – Start A Movement: 8 Key Elements For Starting a Movement Via Storytelling

As a marketing consultant & specialist and the head of a large movement to promote the sustainable lifestyle I’m often asked to answer a very popular question: what is the best way to do online marketing? and my answer might be surprising to many…

The truth is you shouldn’t.

Marketing is not nearly as effective as storytelling.
Marketing breeds transactions – Stories create movements.

Marketing is purely a form of self promotion where as storytelling allows you to position yourself as the hero solving a major issue – it’s the difference between buying an ad in the newspaper as oppose to being written about in the headlines.

So how do you become the go to experts or source for this news or for whatever you may be promoting? How do you get peoples attention and also build a living through it? How do you tell an engaging story that springs a movement?

The simplest way to upgrading your marketing into a movement is to put together these 8 key elements – which given that I run an online school known as Superhero Academy I will also explain through the running example of one of my superheroes: Batman.

Step 1 – Negative Reputation Environment

The first thing that is crucial to every movement is a negative reputation environment. What that eludes to is the environment in which major problems are cast on a macro level. For example an economic depression, a period of environmental degradation, poverty, a time of oppression, corruption in government or any day to day problem that is unaddressed like traffic. These are all examples of how the surrounding environment being cast in a negative light and the context of the story needs to be ripe.

When people feel this negative environment around them they are much more hopeful and anxious for a hero to emerge and a new story to be told. The bigger the problem – the bigger the movement.

TIP: Timing is therefore not to be understated as the emergence of this message is more likely to explode after a big headline at the right time than it would without this environment present.

This being said if we refer to Batman – Gotham is a city with quite the negative reputation. One for being violent and crime ridden. A city with many criminals lurking around every corner and lots of corruption and unrest. Thus in this environment the next element within the story thrives…

Gotham City Negative Reputation Environment

Step 2 – Villain

In any superhero story there is always a Villain and in fact it is the villain who drives the plot.

Without the Joker, Batman would have no enemy to save Gotham from despite the problems of Gotham being beyond just the Joker sometimes the Villain really symbolizes the issues and might actually turn the tides in spirit.

Being able to point a finger at a very specific issue that you can solve for your potential clients is far more powerful than being vague about the issue at hand.

In the same way that an large tragic event can spur a war within a negative reputation environment – we always need to know the name of the specific bad guy for things to accelerate and for those to direct their pains towards. We always want a face to be in front of the fingers we point. There is a difference between tackling a problem like “terrorism” as a threat and point at Osama Bin Laden for example. Knowing this can therefore be more powerful.

TIP: It’s also important to note that people must see the connection between the Villain and why the Negative Reputation Environment is being caused by said Villain and be hopeful that in conquering this Villain that things will revert to the positive. Humans are a hopeful breed!

People fight wars for Freedom – not for ending evil.

batman joker villain superhero Academy

Step 3 – A Leader

For a movement to come to life – there needs to be a figurehead who leads it.

We are much more trusting and invigorated by the enthusiasm of a person
as oppose to just a cause.

You might call them puppets if you are referring to political leaders or visionaries if they head a large corporation with good PR but they are all people who we rally behind and every movement needs a leader to reach critical mass. This is not to say that the leader doesn’t have a team but only to say that for a stories purpose it requires a more sharp focus for us to follow. Let us remember that there is a reason our society has organized to have “Presidents” or “Kings & Queens” throughout all of history.

TIP: There is two ways to move mountains – the first through brute force – the second is through force amplified by inspiration and motivation and a leader is the best way to provide such.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A leader is not quite a Superhero!

Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne Superhero Academy

There is a difference between Bruce Wayne as a leader and Batman as a Hero.

If your story starts with a Negative Reputation Environment and a Villain and paints your solution immediately as the Hero you will fail to convince people and come off as “salesy” or gimmicky. Heroes are not self appointed, the people must make that decision and see them in that light by their own accord but a good story can sway them to feel that way.

Step 4 – An Unsuspecting Audience

unsuspecting audience

Although it seems intuitive to have an existing audience get behind a movement, for the movement to grow into the mainstream it must escape the boundaries of the already existing supporters. A movement to save the rainforest won’t make waves around the world if only the “tree huggers” and “hippies” who have been screaming about such for years are to do something but would gain major attention if a unsuspecting supporter or group of supporters all of a sudden jumped to its rescue.

Thus who are key influencers and types of people you might need to convince that are beyond your target audience or typical avatar that might sway people to join in. A good question to ask yourself is: “Who is the villain affecting that might not be paying attention?”

TIP: Nobody is surprised when people act as they always do – but we pay attention when those same people don’t.

In the case of Batman, in every movie it seems like people don’t see Batman as a hero and in fact as a villain. However as the story unfolds and Batman wins over the hearts of the cops and journalists the people of Gotham seem to now champion him as their saviour. Remember they can only feel grateful for being saved – if they also felt the danger and posed by the villain or else nobody would have cared.

To gain the attention of the unsuspecting audience you must first point them to the Negative Reputation Environment and the Villain before showing yourself as a leader of this new found tribe.

Step 5 – A Trigger

batman climbing escape trigger storytelling

Speaking of surprise the next most important element of any story is the trigger.

The catalyst moment that inspires a hero to stumble and fall before the rise.
It is at this moment that a hero must emerge naturally.

This moment should always come as a shock and serves as the key inspiration for the entire remaining plot of the story (or until the next trigger event) and helps rally the troops around a collective purpose. We always love a great underdog story, a story that unfolds against great odds or a classic David & Goliath but what turns the tides is the constant reminder of this trigger and the retelling of this story.

For example, Batman had to fall against Bane and be faced with extraordinary obstacles to achieving his mission and had to  “Rise” like a phoenix to overcome such. It is at the moment where he jumps without the rope – that he risks it all that we the audience crown him a true hero. To start a movement you must truly show your commitment to the cause – not just your commitment to earning a living or selling a product but also be committed to it when the seas are rough.

To outline such with your brand or story – you should look for moments of hardship and pain and display how you overcame the odds and inspire with your brave mindset you have now been granted with!

TIP: Authenticity is the new currency and it is cultivated through vulnerability.

Step 6 – Emergence As Hero

emergence of a hero

For a story to truly be inspiring and carry forward in the long term we love to hear how the leader becomes a hero.

Triumph for sparking a movement is not about winning the war but in fact about consistently fighting the battles. Although a great Superhero movie ends with a happy ending a real movement is found not in the end of a story but in the telling of it. The movement is in fact the plot of said story and march against the current negative environment and villain.

Remember they did not crown themselves as superheroes – they were choosen by the people to be them. Like Obama did with “Hope” & “Change” so must your brand do with a symbolic fight against the villain.

TIP: Ask yourself: What are key words and themes you can anchor into the minds of your audience that will show your dedication to this cause?

These words will become the driving force behind your cause for a long time to come. You must parade them around like a band plays its classic hits. Everyone wants to hear them regardless of how many times they have heard them before.

Step 7 – A Collective Flag

Once people have identified their leader, and are frustrated with their current condition – the negative environment and the villain, they will be more than ready to follow or join the movement.

People want to be a part of something bigger than them. They want to play a role in the bigger story and one must allow them to do such and become a follower.

The most successful movements don’t tackle small problems – they fight the biggest Villains.

For someone to be a part of a movement the leader must trust those who follow and support it will fly the collective flag of this movement proudly. They must be given tasks of some importance and significance to the movement and be allowed to step up their roles within it. There is no way to sustain a true movement without truly caring for those who follow. For Batman this care extends to the city of Gotham and its wellbeing and continuous fight against it’s negative reputation.

TIP: It is not the leader who really inspires the movement but actually the first followers who are crucial to making it unfold.

collective flag

It took a whole lot more than an Astronaut to land on the moon and not everyone in the movement will be remembered for a line like “one small step for man…” but it is important that they and the public feel a part of the accomplishment nonetheless.

TIP: Ask yourself: How can you be bolder with your mission or solve a billion person problem? How can you make your mission really change the world, not just your own reality?

Step 8 – Common Purpose

To fight without a cause is to fight a losing battle. For a movement to stay alive and healthy there must be a common purpose and goal that continues to serve as the drumbeat of what needs yet be done still.

The larger the goal the more support it will garnish as the more it will need. People do not stand behind a movement for long unless the goal is extremely clear.

TIP: Make sure the goal stands very very clear in nature.

Movements like Occupy Wall Street are an example of having all the right elements but lacking a very specific hero and common purpose.

Batman’s goal is very clear – foil the plot of the Villain and restore peace and safety to the city of Gotham – there is no doubt about it and thus it is what the movement bands together to see happen.

To conclude all I can say is you only live once. To focus on marketing for personal gain seems to be a fruitless endeavor versus building a true legacy through a movement.
Nobody writes in the history books about those who ran businesses but about those who inspired the world and made a real difference.

So I leave you with a simple question…

whats your story

Start Yours Today.

Accept The Challenge

Why Solopreneurship Might Be Your Biggest Business Mistake + 8 Simple Tips To Can Change It

So we have all heard of Entrepreneurs but the reality is many entrepreneurs really act like solopreneurs at times – and to be honest many websites (and solopreneurs) seem to glorify the position but the truth is it only generally leads to an unsustainable business model and is unfulfilling.

What is a solopreneur?

Its an entrepreneur who tries to do everything themselves.

How can you spot one or know if you are one?

  • Often seen taking on way too much and not focusing on what they do best.
  • Working endless hours on their projects alone with no real support or shared office
  • Their website and businesses are named after themselves
  • They sometimes forget to eat or shower because they are so caught trying to keep up
  • They are consistently feeling like there isn’t enough business or things are going to get better or easier right after “blank”
  • They rarely ask for help or support
  • They try and do everything from accounting – prospecting – billing – their websites – and copy – their social media – booking and an endless list of items.

Solopreneurship Biggest Business Mistake

Now I get it. I really do because for the longest time I myself was a Solopreneur.

In fact I would say that up until even very very recently I would have qualified as such in at least some aspects of my career. You see what I use to say to almost stray from this internally or attempt to rationalize my the reality was: “I work with others” as (solopreneurs do interact with clients or people) – but the truth was that that others weren’t part of what I worked on.

But let’s real talk for a second here.

To start your own business there is a whole lot of pride and guts and the most dependable person in the world to do all these tasks is yourself right? You are the person who can and will make this happen and you really know what is best for your business correct? If you could do it than you should – because it saves money right?

Is it really though? Are all these statements true?

Or perhaps the truth is you have a hard time asking for help – or at least in taking the time to slow down and examine what is happening with your business – life and big projects. Why should someone who is a solopreneur really consider teaming up with others?

The harsh reality is nobody has ever made it as a solopreneur.


(Even Han Solo Had Chewy)

han solopreneur and chewy

That pun deserves a share on this post!

All the names of people we know today despite seemingly being satellites of entrepreneurs we look up to also have the world’s best and brightest working right alongside them. Steve Jobs – Elon Musk – Richard Branson – Oprah – Tony Robbins. None of these characters made it to the top just using their name and their own two hands and feet. They all created key relationships and partnerships with others which really enabled true success.

Let’s face it – we can build a much bigger pie to eat from if we are numerous people participating in baking it in the first place.

Everyone eventually grows wise enough to know that the only way to grow a business in this world is to team up with people who are wiser and smarter than you in their own domains and that for you to focus and grow and even be known you will need to end this Solopreneurship mindset you have.



But the question is how? So many Solopreneurs are out roaming the earth looking for more support but what is the best way to get it?

Here are 8 simple tips to exit solopreneurship:

I. Ask for Help & Help Others

The easiest way to get help on your projects is to not only ask for it but to help others as well. Win-Win scenarios lead to much more opportunity even from an individualistic perspective but I definitely challenge you to as a solopreneur to consider asking people to help out or join in on the action. This humbleness will go a long way into making you excel at what you do.

II. Identify, Reach Out and Accept Mentorship

A solopreneurs ego might sometimes stand in the way of being humble enough to realize that there are people in this world doing exactly what we are trying to do with more experience and success than us and we should as oppose to compete and adopt a scarcity mindset – instead actually reach out and ask for mentorship. Mentorship also can be for fields or areas that you might not be even focusing on but on helping you achieve other elements of your career or business life including even just a better balance with your personal relationships or your health and fitness.

III. Join Masterminds

Masterminds are a huge effective and efficient resource for being able to not only get some feedback on your ideas and challenges but also help others with theirs. If you haven’t heard of what Masterminds are visit our page on that here and consider joining ours. I have found Masterminds to be very valuable – and they are also quite flexible and easy to jump in and out of (don’t do such selfishly).

IV. Attend Great Events With Peers

Best way to find sidekicks in your superhero endeavours is to rub elbows with them at the best events out there. I find sites like Conferize very interesting for such but truth is there are tons of things happening all over the map each and every day of the year and all you need to do is show up – provide value and be honest about where you can use some support.

V. Hire Smarter People Than You

Collective wisdom says “if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room” and I like to live by this myself. Now yes I know “smartest” is completely subjective but it isn’t the point here. What I’m saying is surround yourself with people who know more than you on a variety of topics and you will be surprised how much of that genius finds its way into your cranium as well.

VI. Relinquish Power and Responsibility

Surely the toughest thing on this list is the one where I tell you you should be giving away your power and executive decision rights to others because until and unless you do – others will not truly join your cause and treat it like their own. Giving up responsibility seems scary but its also liberating and allows you to carry less baggage and spend more mental energy and time doing the things you do best for your projects. At the end of the day – a plumber is best doing plumbing and not doing paperwork – so this same logic surely applies to what you do too.

VII. Adopt a Business Model with a Higher Purpose

This to me is a must in my books but perhaps is something you should consider in your story too. For me business isn’t just about making a stable income but really about changing the world or tackling something be it big or small and really having an impact. I believe ROI is better suited to be measured as “Ripple of Impact” versus return on investment and I believe the businesses that truly commit to this 100% actually get much better results in both versions of ROI in the long run as well.

Tangibly what this often means is that perhaps your business should operate under a brand – mission statement and ideals that are bigger than just you. It’s very hard for people to feel like they are truly a part of the team if the name of my company was “Marc Angelo Coppola Consulting” and thus by design I actually stray from that to better allow for scalability plus to really highlight that all of this isn’t possible without the team of awesome people I work with consistently.

VIII. Co-Create

Last but not in any way least is co-creation. What I mean by this is you know that moment where you have an idea and you want to tackle it? Well right after that moment perhaps you should consider not only the question of how should I do this but also – with whom should I do / share this with? I think – scratch that know this mentality goes a long way in making ideas come to life as well as better fleshing them out before they see daylight and thats a good thing.

End of the day you should invite others to be part of your big ideas – it will help them develop and will enable you to build real relationships and partners versus people who are kept at arms length from your ideas.

Superhero Academy Podcast

The Why Wedding – Why What How Now of your story and how to tell it

This was my first speaking experience at The Higher Purpose Project and I must say it changed my life.

Not only because I got to speak in front of a large group of superheroes but also because the clarity of Superhero Academy had finally emerged and I was able to communicate it unlike ever before. That time frame was crucial for the development of this coaching and consulting platform for me but also for the opening up of this school something I have dreamed of doing for many years.

This speech is really powerful and the basis of EVERYTHING I teach. Definitely worth watching!

Also check out The Higher Purpose Project – for their next summits – I guarantee you it’s a life changer and worth going for people at all stages of the game.

Mention Superhero Academy or my name and you will surely get a discount 🙂